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View of Squares in Elaine's Area

Elaine's building is so large that it dominates the excavated area near the rear of the temple enclosure. The building is oriented at an angle of some 30-40 ° clockwise from the east-west line of the temple.

Elaine with Pottery   Pottery in Elaine's Trench

Elaine has been following an exterior wall that runs NE to SW. She has turned up garbage of the Late Period in high levels here, and some of the pottery is whole or nearly so. Perhaps it was thrown from the building at a time near the abandonment of the site.

Emily and Katie Measuring and Drawing   Emily, Katie and Adam at Work

Emily and Katie are still planning the granaries in Emily's trench. By this point Emily has been highly adept at identifying and measuring the bricks, and Katie can hardly keep up with her. A real team at work. Just next door Adam is planning his walls and is carefully pointing the bricks to make the job a bit easier when measurements are needed. We can see these two squares as a unit with the granaries supported and surrounded by a quadrangle of walls. Interestingly architecture of modern date in Egypt compares strongly to this form. The sheikh tombs in modern cemeteries are built of square mud brick platforms from which the beehive shaped vaults spring.

Conservation Work in the Second Court

Some of the conservation and restoration work is visible here in the northwest corner of the Second Court . The walls have been carefully taken down by Franck Burgos and his team (in October-December), the mudbrick wall behind them straightened and strengthened, and then the viable decorated stones were replaced with a masonry matrix to keep them in place and free of further deterioration. This month Franck has rebuilt the staircase to this small chapel attached to the Second Pylon. The lowest stairs were supplemented by new stone that Franck cut to fit the existing stair pieces of sandstone. The floor of the altar area was also completed. Now we hope that the remaining wall of the chapel (left) can be rebuilt as well.

Kent, Hiroko and Hakim Work on the State of the Queen   Close View of the Queen Statue

The statue is going to the Luxor Museum today, so Kent, Hiroko, and our new conservation team member, Hakim, from the Supreme Council of Antiquities, are busy cleaning away surface dirt. A beautiful send off for a lovely lady.

Queen Statue Carried Out of Mut Complex   Queen Statue Loaded Onto Truck

The statue, wrapped in plastic to stay clean, is brought through the gates of Mut -- probably for the very last time. A processional ritual carefully drags the great queen's image to the SCA's truck, and they prepare to place the pallet holding the statue in it. We later rode to the museum, and I reluctantly signed the release papers turning over the statue to the museum. We hope that she will stand on display very soon.

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