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Group Picture of 2006 JHU Team

Here's the crew photo for 2006! Sadly, Emily and Lori are leaving us this evening, so we're taking a last picture for everyone. Let's just identify everyone one last time:

Left to right:

First row: Elizabeth, Emily, Adam, Katie, Sarah

Second row: Elaine, Lori , Kent , Hiroko

Third row: Fatma, Betsy, Jeremy, Dina, Hakim, Franck, Abdel-Aziz and Violiane


Emily, Katie and Lori   Emily and Katie at Work

Emily and Katie are still working on the drawings - last day - and Lori looks on and offers assistance.

View East from Adam's Square

A view looking east from Adam's square shows us the cross wall in profile with the granaries behind it. We have been very fortunate to get the walls high enough (in some trenches) to provide some sense of elevation along with the horizontal layout.

Dina's Square

Today is the last day working in Dina's square, and they have cleaned it up for a final shot. In the northwest corner are the remains of another granary platform, but very little is left. The round feature in the south was found at very high levels and never allowed us sufficient information to date it properly. It will stay here until we can review all the data for publication.

Features in Katie's Square   Features In Katie's Square

In Katie's square the strange squarish brick feature in the center is being slowly cut away, since the interior was not showing bricks. Katie thinks that she simply has an east-west wall and a cross wall and that this feature was the result of fallen bricks that appear to create a platform. Still, to be careful that we don't lose something, we are only removing what is definitely not true brick. In the final shot of the day, the cross wall continues south in the square, but the clarification of the other bricks will need to wait for Saturday.

Betsy and Chuck and Fatma with Decorated Blocks   Close View of Decorated Block

In the Second Court, Betsy, Chuck, and Fatma look at decorated blocks that are being exposed by Franck's removal of others. A door jamb of Thutmose III shows distinct hacking in the column right of the king's name. Another example of this from a door lintel suggests that the name of Hatshepsut once shared the blocks with that of Thutmose III, and that it was gouged out and then replaced with plaster and recarving that have now fallen away.

Hakim Cleaning Block

A wall block of the king in the style of Hatshepsut or early in the sole reign of Thutmose III has appeared with well preserved paint. Hakim begins to remove the surface soil and softer accretions in order to keep them from hardening. The block will need more cleaning if it is to have a clearer appearance.

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