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Inscribed Block   Inscribed Block

In the Second Court Franck Burgos is moving blocks from the Late Period foundation to our newly built mastaba. As we knew from visible parts, the blocks are frequently sections of square pillars decorated originally on four sides. Here you see a raised relief scene of Thutmose III before Mut. This would have faced into the temple where the porch connecting the piers to the building would have provided shade and protection for the more delicate raised relief. The other three sides of the pillar were carved in sunken relief.

Jeremy's trench has developed an east-west wall that may link to one in Elizabeth 's to the west - although there is a gap between them. A single link of brick running to the south baulk suggests a room. The rounded feature in the north end remains elusive as to function, but we will leave it in place in hope of more clues. Note the burned surface in the center of the square. This may become clearer tomorrow.

Elaine with Find   Close View of Glass and Wire Beard Fragments

Today is Elaine's last day. She has had a great season and really enlarged both her building and her understanding of it. This morning her qufti found part of a small divine beard made for a statue. The tiny beard was made of blue glass and wires of a yellow metal. Kent cleaned and consolidated the fragments later in the day.

View of Elaine's Trenches   Close View of Walls in Elaine's Area

Here is a view of much of Elaine's large 25 th Dynasty building at the southern end of the Mut Precinct. The walls she has followed during January are also visible in both here and in the detail shot.

Blocks on Mastabas   Hiroko Working on Block

Our new mastabas have filled up so fast. Betsy stands looking at one of the new blocks but shakes her head at the lack of space! A few meters away Hiroko does emergency care on a block that will soon need to have a home on this mastaba. But it will not move until she, Kent, and Franck feel that it can be safely moved with the least loss of surfaces.

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