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Inscribed Block   Inscribed Block

One square pillar piece that belongs with the many we have retrieved (compare the one on the mastaba with the same glyphs) from the foundations cannot at present be retrieved. It is located upside down UNDER one of the huge column bases atop the platform. Eventually we will remove it, but this will wait for some months, since our present focus is the front of the temple foundations.

Katie's Square

In Katie's square Fikhry has identified both east-west and north-south walls at a low lying level. Must scatter of brick is found here as well, perhaps suggesting wall or structure collapse. The "platform" in the center of her square was simply a remnant of misplaced bricks and the two walls themselves. This was indeed what Katie said, and she has been proved correct. Good job.

Yasmin and Fatma Confer

Yasmin has arrived, and we are all delighted to see her again. She was married this past summer and lives in Cairo . She is working on her dissertation but has come down to help with the work now that many students are heading back to the U.S. soon. She will be directing Sayeed on the temple platform, taking over from Fatma. Here you see Fatma going over the notebook with her to make sure that she knows how we're doing the recording. Now Fatma will take over for Jeremy and Elizabeth.

At Work in the Second Court   Moving Blocks in the Second Court

The work is now non-stop in the Second Court . We have little time to breathe between moving blocks and making certain that they are safe and protected during the process. Hiroko and Kent work with Franck and his crew to sequence the moves. This work will continue through some of February, and during all of March Franck will rebuild the foundations with newly quarried sandstone. Through the spring and summer we'll work to draw, strengthen, and display the architectural parts of the early temple that we are now removing. The result, perhaps in the near future, will be the New Kingdom temple of Mut . Our challenge is how to make it accessible. We need more space.

Skeleton Found in Sarah's Square   Measuring to Document Find

In Sarah's square a small skeleton was found today. It looks to us like an infant, and a scatter of beads was found with it (something we have not been finding otherwise). However, we must await the visit of a physical anthropologist before we will know more. Today we contacted Roxie Walker who is arriving in Cairo , and she will come down to Luxor on Sunday to remove and study the remains. In preparation, Sarah and Abdel Aziz take specific measurement to triangulate the position of the find as well as the small bones and beads that must be removed because they are lying loose.

View of the Second Court from the Southeast

In the shot of the court, taken from the southeast, the flat open space you see in the dead center was one week ago two levels of blocks - most now on the mastabas seen behind Hiroko. But after Franck and his crew sweep and clean under that silt, another row of stone has emerged, with the single bandaged example still visible in the lower right. Chuck and Betsy will plan this group of foundation blocks for documentation and then these too will be removed.

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