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Inscribed Block   Block Showing Recarved Face

Jay has been photographing the blocks removed from the temple platform foundations. Now that Hiroko and Kent have worked their "preliminary" magic, we see how beautifully carved these square pillars were. This upside-down portion depicts the king (Thutmose III) before Mut (the narrow lower body form - very female). The other pillar portion shows the upper portion of a pillar (perhaps the same one, but we do not yet know). The face of the king (Thutmose III) is distinctly different from that of the deity, and this is because the goddess Mut's face was recarved after it was attacked by Akhenaten's henchmen. The face you see now is that of Tutankhamun or Ay.

Square Number 10   Close View Showing Pottery-Strewn Surface

The square (no. 10) worked by Emily is closing down tomorrow. There is simply no room to continue work there. It has been a highly informative trench, for Adam and Mahmoud Abbady have watched the brick come out in the south (upper part of picture directly left of the round granary), as a wall running under the silo. The detail shot, taken at the north end, left of the water pipe, shows that Mahmoud reached the same pottery strewn magloob surface here as he had west (right) of the pipe. At this time we are fully in the Second Intermediate Period levels throughout the square, and we will save further investigations for the future.

Lyle Pinch Brock Examining Area of Skeleton Find   Betsy Cleaning Cranial Piece   Lyle Pinch Brock Examining Finds

Lyla Pinch Brock visited us today to help us with the small skeleton we found in Sarah's Square 7. Although Roxie Walker, who did our "bones" at the tomb a few years ago, will come on Sunday to look at this, Lyla is doing measurements, and Betsy is cleaning the cranial piece for her to look at. Lyla ended her visit by telling us that the bones are burned and may not be human. Now we have a new mystery and await Roxie's arrival.

Queen Statue in Luxor Museum   Face of Queen Statue   Queen Statue in Luxor Museum

Jay and Betsy went over to the Luxor Museum to do photography of the queen statue. Dr. Sanaa, the Director, kindly allowed us access, and here are a few of the shots we were able to get. What a stunner!


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