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Approaching the Temple of Mut

Well, here we are again in beautiful and sunny (with apologies to those back in the cold weather) Luxor, approaching the temple of Mut . This view of the front gate and beyond shows the alley of ram sphinxes that connected the temple of Amun-Re to that of Mut. The enclosure of Mut is frequently referred to as the South Precinct of Karnak and was formally linked both to Karnak central and to Luxor Temple by means of these paved roads punctuated by sphinxes. This particular alleyway was created in the later 18th Dynasty in order to provide a ritual processional path for the god Amun-Re as he traveled to meet his consort Mut with whom he would produce an offspring, the moon god Khonsu.

Old and New Faces

Some old and some new faces for you to greet: from left, there's Katie Knight, back now as a post-graduate, to her right in the rear and facing left is Lori Calabria, a senior Near Eastern major; in front of her and facing right is Emily Russo, a sophomore major. Next, looking around the courtyard is Sarah Koplik, a second year Near Eastern archaeology graduate student, and finally, looking toward the camera is the familiar face of our Field Director, Violaine Chauvet, this year Assistant Professor at Framingham State College in Massachusetts and back to help us out.

Tea Time

As Violaine gives a quick tour of the precinct for the staff, our favorite beverage provider, Khairy, appears with my favorite drink - warm Karkady, a tea made from hibiscus. Khairy is always such a friendly face to see. He makes Emily, Elaine (also back again), Dina El-Gabry (a third year graduate student), and Katie feel right at home.

Second Court of the Temple

You are looking at the Second Court of the temple, the site of our ongoing conservation and restoration program for the temple. The tented areas house limestone and sandstone blocks removed from the foundation in 2004 in order to be cleaned and consolidated. Thanks to the American Research Center in Egypt 's USAID funded grant, we are able to rehabilitate the temple's front platform and the walls of the court. We'll show you more in a couple of days.

Violaine Gives a Tour

Violaine gives a tour of the area behind the sacred lake, accompanied by, from left Lori Calabria, Elaine Sullivan, Adam Maskevich (fourth year graduate student), Emily Russo, Dina El Gabry, Sarah Koplik, and Jeremy Pope, second year Egyptology graduate student.

Sarah Behind a Monument

Sarah walks behind a monument found by the Egyptian antiquities department about four years ago. It's a quartzite block carved on the rear with a stela showing several deities and a long inscription dating to the reign of Ramesses III (ca. 1180 B.C.) of the Twentieth Dynasty.

In the Second Court

Back in the Second Court , Betsy talks a bit about the new found material discovered during the conservation work. Please note: She is wearing an O's hat. This is the first and last time you will see the hat.

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