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Wall in Square 11   Walls in Square 9

Adam's wall (square 11) that supports and frames the two granaries in Emily's trench (10), continues to go down, having cut through a lower one of Second Intermediate Period date, part of which is visible under the meter stick. The cross wall found begins with the SIP wall and should thus date to that period as well. In Elizabeth 's square (9) the 18 th dynasty wall also descended and its foundations likewise cut into the Second Intermediate era "house" walls. I told Jay that he doesn't get on camera often, but his name, "J" is inscribed in the trench. How did he do that?

Pot Find in Situ   Katie and Adam with Pot

In Emily's old square, now run by Adam, a lovely near-complete pot is found and is removed, since we are closing down here. There is a big hole in the bottom of the pot - which may be why it was left lying there. Katie and Adam seem pleased.

Yasmin Watching Cleaning   Yasmin Models Hat

Yasmin is a little bored watching the cleaning work on the temple platform. So, to please her husband Sherif, she dons the hat he gave her and poses for a picture. The Africa cup games (football/soccer) are going on here, and Egypt is a hot contender. So everyone is highly excited about the possibilities. Yasmin's hat (she looks like the Mad Hatter) and her "V" signs will no doubt give Sherif and his friends the encouragement they need. GO EGYPT !!

Cleared Space in Second Court   Blocks Sitting on Mastabas

The empty space where the west platform foundations had been shows that Franck and his crew will soon begin rebuilding the stronger temple support. The other photograph shows where all the inscribed and decorated blocks from that foundation went - onto our now full mastabas. (We're building more.)

Squares Behind the Lake from East to West

From east to west, we've done a great deal this season behind the lake, and we know so much more. I really can't thank all the participants more.

Part 2 of today's picutres.

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