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Dina and Lori Measuring

Early in the morning Dina and Lori are doing measurements in her trench. There is a layer of plaster with sand beneath it, and she is taking measurements to determine its thickness. This layer runs across all seven new trenches, and we saw it in trenches to the east and west in 2004.

Looking East, Early Morning

A shot looking east in the early morning - atmospheric as ever but also alive with new activity.

Emily Measuring

We find that a number of our levels are not as close to ten centimeters as we would wish, and here is Emily doing a quick measurement of the depth at the northeast corner. Levels were taken for all the trenches today, and we have adjusted a number of the layers accordingly.



Site Supervisors at Work   Taking Notes

The site supervisors may stand or sit, but they are just as busy in their own ways as are the pick men and the basket carriers. Elizabeth, Emily, and Adam are working in their notebooks, drawing, recording, and even musing. Dina and Lori are discussing their square, and Katie watches as her qufti cleans a new area.

Sarah and Betsy

Sarah and Betsy are looking a piece of slag that has come from Sarah's square. All of these trenches are areas of industrial working, and this slag appears to come from a pottery factory. More pieces like it appears later in the day in other squares.

Elaine's Square

At the rear of the precinct, Elaine has laid out a five meter square south and slightly west of her last one from 2005. She hopes to locate an exterior wall of this building and maybe even a corner.

Elizabeth Taking Levels   Adam Taking Levels

Elizabeth and Adam are doing levels for their squares. Apparently she's the only one in the group who can level the level - so how many PhD students does it take to get the bubble in the middle?

Katie's Trench with Blackened Area

Katie's trench is nearly finished with the plaster and sand layer but shows a large blackened area where fire was somewhat intense. She has called this area Feature 1 to indicate that it is different from the remainder of the square at this level.

Betsy and Qufti Abdel-Aziz

At Sarah's square Betsy and the qufti Abdel-Aziz discuss the depth at this point and agree that the northeast corner is at twenty centimeters but the northwest only fourteen, so he will take it down a bit more before beginning Level 3. With seven trenches all going down together, we are more concerned that our levels are reliabily ten centimeters each. Later we may adjust to the slope of the land and the soil, but for now it is of some importance.

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