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Bicycling on the West Bank

Friday, the beginning of our five day "forced vacation". Several people have decided to go to the west bank and rent bicycles for the day. Elaine, Adam, and Emily pedal along towards the west.

Colossus of Memnon

The colossus of Memnon, one of the greatest monuments from antiquity stands silent now, though in ancient times it "spoke" by means of the cracks in its torso. Now it receives visitors like Emily, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, and Adam and we hope it will continue to do so for another 3,400 years.

Evening in Luxor -- Western Hills of Thebes   Sunset with Faluccas on the Nile

A superbly beautiful evening coming on in Luxor . Just for your enjoyment - the western hills of Thebes and the sun sinking behind the feluccas.

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