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In the Antiquities Museum in Mallawi   In the Antiquities Museum in Mallawi

Today we begin with a visit to the antiquities Museum in Mallawi. Most of the artifacts on view derive from the catacombs and cemetery at Tuna el Gebel. Sharon and Jeremy, Katie, and Sarah are shown looking at animal mummies and other votive objects.

Wood Shrine for King Darius

One stunner was this small shrine of wood painted for the Persian king Darius. The Persians ruled Egypt from 525-404 B.C. and were represented like any other Egyptian pharaoh - as here. The shrine was reused in the Tuna el Gebel catacomb to hold an ibis dedication.

Negotiating for Baskets   Children Selling Baskets

Our next stop was the incredible residence city of Amarna , where Akhenaten moved in his sixth year of reign, ca. 1346 B.C. On the ferry over Adam begins negotiations for some baskets with a few local entrepreneurs.

Tomb of Priest Mery re   Tomb of Priest Mery re
Akhenaten and Nefertiti in Chariots

The Amarna inspector Mr. Hamada shows the group the tomb of the priest of Aten, Mery re, in the North tombs at Amarna. This tomb is beautifully preserved with carved and painted reliefs. In the background is a wall showing Akhenaten and Nefertiti in their chariots as they ride to the temple of the Aten.

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