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   Blocks on Mastabas

Now that the platform extension is empty of foundation blocks on its west side, Franck begins to lay down brick walls as a base for the new stone. The blocks are visible in the other photograph occupying our mastabas, with the new ones being built also visible.

Katie's Square   Katie with Drawing

Today is Katie's last day. Her square (13) did not reveal much in the way of architecture in upper levels, due primarily to the Late Period pits and reuses that cut through the New Kingdom levels. The feature you see protruding from the east (right) baulk, a rounded brick silo of some type, appears to be the only New Kingdom remnant here - and it is enigmatic. It goes down some four brick courses, but only on it exterior. On the inside of the circular form is only dirt. Sieving is in order here. Otherwise Katie's wall in the center of the trench are all earlier, or the Second Intermediate Period. Still, they are regular and substantial, implying they may have supported a non-domestic environment such as we know from slightly later. Note that Katie is proudly displaying her last finished drawing - a baulk plan.

Jeremy's Square

Fatma and Abdel-Aziz have taken over Jeremy's square, and interesting results are visible beneath the earlier remains. Large oven ovals are visible on the floor and repeat several times. These indicate places where bread was baked, and broken pottery may be seen stuck in the oven floors. The east-west wall of the 18 th Dynasty is represented only in its lowest courses, but the oven that we had earlier attached to the east (right) baulk, was built into it from above.

Fatma and Mahey   Mahey with Brush

Today we have a new archaeologist joining the crew. Mahey, daughter of Fatma, has arrived from Cairo and is starting her own excavation. Trowel and brush ready to go, Mahey will be a great addition to our group. Welcome!

Kent and Reporter Jen Pinkowski   Hathor Face Column

Kent talks to Archaeology Magazine reporter Jen Pinkowski, visiting us for a few days. This second picture that Jay got is a winner - the Hathor face in the foreground, representing all the wonderful conservation, and Hakim working in the background while Kent and Jen discuss the project.

This will be our last day. Goodbye, and thanks to everyone!

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