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Saturday, June 16, 2007

The June 2007 Team.

The real introduction! Today I have returned from a week off site. I returned to Baltimore for four days in order to attend a few meetings and accompany 200 JHU alumni through the Tutankhamun exhibition in Philadelphia. So I want to apologize for not being here as the web site re-started for our summer season. But let me introduce our staff (all but two) for this time. From left to right: Will Schenck, artist extraordinaire has returned to do superb epigraphy at the temple where we daily have new scenes and inscriptions to study; Keli Albert, our second artist who is studying Egyptology at the American University in Cairo. She is a remarkable asset and is at present working at the Temple; Dorothy Knutsen, undergraduate who has willingly taken several courses on ancient Egypt, despite not (yet) being a major; Jessica Popkins, sophomore undergraduate major concentrating in Egyptology and doing an excellent job drawing ceramic vessels for us; Adam Maskevich, doctoral student in Near Eastern Archaeology is working on his dissertation at present but has returned to help us excavate early traces of the Mut Temple; Emily Russo, rising senior major concentrating in Egyptology, who worked with us in 2006 and is this year moving back and forth between the Temple and the Canada House where the pottery drawing, classification,  and photography are being carried out; Sarah Koplik, graduate student in Near Eastern Archaeology also returning from 2006; Jonathan Winnerman, rising senior from Princeton who is interested in Egyptology and is a fine addition to our drawing group. Welcome all! I am here showing photos from our earlier trip to Edfu when we visited the Monastery of St. Pachomius, the New Kingdom cemetery of Hagar Edfu, and the great temple of Edfu. At the last we see Dorothy and Emily posing in the first Hypostyle Hall.

Dorothy and Emily at Edfu.



Jim Schaefer photographing pottery.
Jim Schaefer photographing pottery.


Jim Schaefer, who was not in the last pictures, is a very welcome volunteer this year. He has from the first minute pitched in to organize our pottery photography (before Jay arrived). Here you see Jim after Jay’s arrival as he now possesses a professional setup for the work. Thanks so much Jim!



Emily assisting with photography.

Emily is also helping out with the photography at the house when Jay needs to be at the site. So she too has a set up, and look at the beautiful pottery sherds that they are snapping for us! These came from a trench behind the lake four years ago and represent a large “garbage dump” of the mid to later 18th Dynasty, ca. 1450-1375 B.C. These painted sherds are characteristic of the period.

Painted pottery sherds.



Will advising students on pottery drawing.
Taking a break.

Will has been teaching the students to draw pottery. He is a truly gifted teacher, and they are producing high quality drawings after only a couple of weeks. Here you see Jonathan getting the benefit of Will’s advice. At breakfast break you see Dorothy, Emily, and Jessica taking a break from their work – but with satisfaction at the product.

Taking a break.



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