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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Cracked column drums remain to be moved.
Here are the several columns left that have been cracked. The rest are now set on the mastaba and will be cleaned and consolidated if needed. Lotfi and Saadi supervise their movement and do the separation before they are wrapped with spongy material and strapped.
Column drums on the mastaba.



Discovery of a cracked faience dish.
As one was moved today, beneath was found a faience dish that had been crushed . These columns rest on nearly pure sand, so it is quite likely that this vessel was placed here intentionally with the rest of the column foundation. We believe that we have most of the dish that was decorated with black outlined lotuses on a turquoise field.
Pieces of the dish collected.



Adam overseeing work  in the trench.
Adam and Sarah supervise work.

Here you can see Adam sitting on the column over the tiny trench where Ayman is searching for brick below the porch. There is no space for both the gufti and the site supervisors (Adam and Sarah), so they work by recording and moving up and down to observe. Clarification of walls has been completed in Sarah’s area, and a photograph has been done. Tomorrow Sarah will be able to draw the bricks found here in hopes that they will relate to others we have seen.



A face of Sakhmet found earlier in the season was photographed by Jay today. We have not found which statue it derives from, but we keep trying.
Face of a Sakhmet found.



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