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Thursday, June 7, 2007


Welcome back to Luxor for our June season.



Three carved stones in situ.


From Sarah's area of the Mut Temple comes this picture of three carved stones in situ , or, ‘in place'.

Mastabas for excavated blocks.

With all of the new blocks excavated from the Mut Temple we need a place to put them all. Eventually, many of the blocks will end up here on these mastabas , or benches.

Clearing a path to the mastabas.


Before the blocks end up on the mastabas they need to get there first. Here we see Farouk, our foreman, directing the clearing of a path from the temple to the mastabas .

Dr. Bryan consults with the mason, Frank.


On his last day, Dr. Bryan discusses the season's work with Frank, our mason. To their left, Lutfi, our conservator, talks to some of the workmen about what lies ahead.

Adam in repose.

Here we see Adam in repose on a wall as he tells Sarah where to put the stadia rod. Emily looks on from behind the level, somewhat bemused.

Sarah working on her notebook.


Perched on a large block, Sarah diligently works on her notebook. Detailed record keeping is crucial for archaeologists to be able interpret a site.

As dawn breaks over the Mut Temple , Dr. Bryan and Lutfi, our conservator, discuss the recent discovery of yet more columns from the temple's ‘Hall of Drunkenness'.

More columns uncovered.


Toppled columns.


The columns from ‘The Hall of Drunkenness' were toppled and reused as foundation stones for a later restoration of the temple.

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