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Friday, June 8, 2007


Heading to the Valley of the Kings.

Friday is our day off, and a group of us decided to head for the Valley of the Kings.


Entering the Valley of the Kings.


Entering the Valley of the Kings.


The entrances to some of the tombs in the Valley of the Kings can be daunting.


Leaving Tomb in Valley of the Kings.

The Valley of the Kings is home to some of the most famous sites in all of Egypt , if not the world. Here, Emily, Dorothy, Jessica, and Jonathan can be seen leaving two of the tombs, including Tutankhamun's.

Leaving Tutankhamun's tomb.


Descending into tomb.


Here we see some of our team descending into the tomb of Thutmoses III.

Consulting the guide book.


Emily and Jon, ever the inquisitive scholars, consult Kent Weeks' guide to Luxor for some more information on the tombs that they've been looking at.

Jim in the Valley of the Kings.

Jim, who in the previous picture can be scene descending the metal staircase, seems to have made it back to the Valley floor fine, despite his professed aversion to heights. As generations of scholars and adventurers can attest, the lure of the ancient tombs can be hard to resist.


Taking a break.


A moment of respite between exploring the tombs of Egypt's ancient kings.


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