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Monday, January 22, 2007

Violaine, Chuck and Betsy confer    Room West 1

This shot shows something that we are spending a great deal of time doing this winter season — discussing the present state of the work. Here Chuck, Betsy and Violaine are having a roundtable conversation about the clearance and excavation that we are doing in room West 1. In the room we have a narrow mud brick east-west wall (near bottom of photo in light brown) beside which is dirt with limestone chips in it. On the south side of the brick wall paving blocks begin and run under wall to the west (right on the photo). They also run southward under the cross wall of the temple. Above the pavers can be seen some of the Hatshepsut column drum parts used to fill this part of the foundation. All of this we can see, but the relationship of these things to each other and to the platform of the temple proper, seen to the east (left) remains to be clarified. We are discussing what next steps could help us to define the association of the brick wall to the pavers, and we'll plan to do that soon.

Katie and Violaine take levels
In order that Katie can take levels at the rear of the temple, we need to establish a new “zero” for the readings that can be viewed with the level from all positions in the area. Violaine and Katie set up the level equipment and establish the elevation of a permanent survey point marked with a nail on the rear wall of the temple. We're saying “goodbye” to Violaine with this photo. Thanks for her great work.
Violaine taking levels

Katie and qufti Salah taking levels

Now Katie sets up the level and takes readings with her qufti. After using the new “zero” point, she takes her elevations and records them in comparison to it.

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