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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Betsy returns to the site

Betsy came back to the site today, but as you can see she is accompanied by crutches. The walk from the front gate is very slow, and the uneven ground makes it harder. The decision has been made to close down our winter season and lengthen that in the spring and summer. Katie and Jay will leave this evening for Cairo, and Betsy will leave Wednesday morning.


View into trench 2

Trench 2 has a great deal of mud brick in its on its south side, nearest the south wall of the temple enclosure. Baked brick may be seen facing the mud brick within the trench, and it is found in nearly half of the five meters area. On the north end the stone foundation blocks of the temple's platform are visible.

View into trench 2


Katie and Betsy discuss work in trenches

Katie has been overseeing this area over the last two weeks, and now she has the responsibility to record for three trenches at once. The work in trench 1(closest to the small contra-temple by the lake) will end soon, and it will be refilled. Little has been found, except the redim (or fill) from earlier excavation and restoration here.

Working in the trenches
Katie review her notes with Betsy


Working on trench 4

Trench 4 has been laid out on the east side of the temple and at the north end of the area being cleared. A small trench, 1 by 5 has been started.

Work begins on trench 4


Workers collecting sandstone fragments

On the temple enclosure wall to the west of the main temple, our Inspector fawsy and Reis Farouk have organized workers to collect and move eroded and uninscribed sandstone fragments out of the precinct. A truck has come into the first Court for the purpose. Cleaning of the temple is part of our plan for this year and next, as we slowly attempt to understand the temple's architecture and decoration and then present it properly to visitors.

Carrying the sandstone fragments to the truck
Loading sandstone fragments onto the truck  


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