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Monday, June 9, 2008

Here are our new recruits for the season. Three graduate students who have just completed their first year at JHU, from left (after Violaine) are Ashley Fiutko, Meredith Fraser, Shaina Norvell-Cold. They will be supervising the trenches over by the lake quay and are getting their first introduction to the work.

The new recruits.

In case you forgot how beautiful sunrises and sunsets in Luxor can be, here’s ours today. We are starting work at 6 and finishing on site at noon. After that time the work slows such that it is hardly worth the effort, and a great deal can still be done in those hours.


Laying out the first square.
Laying out the first square.

With Violaine, Ashley, Meredith, and Shaina lay out the first square (Trench A) using the tape.

Laying out the first square.

Blocks in the open air display.

Meanwhile, in the rear of the temple, Lotfi Hassan’s team has moved the blocks removed and conserved between February and April onto the wall next to the open air display. Will Schenck and Keli Alberts will be returning to draw these, and they will be moved to the mastabas where space is being made for them.


Finally, the trenches have been laid out, and excavation begins. We are happy to have Reis Farouk’s sons Ayman and Abdel Aziz working with us again. They were occupied with the Brooklyn Museum expedition in the winter, but they are both such excellent excavators.

Excavation begins.
Watching the excavation.

View of the first trench.

The first (southern) trench has its first complete level and Jay has come to do a photograph. Already in the lower right area the dark soil shows flecks of vegetation, indicating that this area is indeed part of the lake itself, as one would expect from the position of the dock. The middle ground, left of the quay has the light colored soil suggesting the underlying presence of more stone from the dock, and the rear is a deep brown soil that is pure fill. Meredith and Shaina no doubt feel very accomplished for the first day digging.

Meredith and Shaina at the trench.


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