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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

We’re lucky to have Will Schenck back with us this summer, along with Keli Alberts. Both of these excellent artists will be drawing the blocks retrieved this past winter and which Hiroko, Kent, and Lotfi have conserved since February. Will and I had first to discuss the blocks and any specific issues associated with their locations. Lotfi arrives and we asked whether there would be a problem with moving and flipping a large block. It is upside down and very difficult for Will to draw in that state, since nearly all of it was chiseled away in the post-Akhenaten era. It is a block of Amenhotep IV’s from his early years at Karnak.

Betsy and Will discuss blocks with Lofti.

Studying a block.

Here we are again trying to puzzle out the scene content of a block that is truly mystifying – fragmentary surface with what appears to be a strongly pleated kilt in front of the lap of a seated god, but the orientation of the pleating lines is confusing.

Shaina and Ashley examining finds.
Three bronze elements.

A little later we see Shaina and Ashley sitting above Trench A where they keep up their notebooks. Ashley’s hands are holding three bronze elements just found in their trench. They will be delivered to Hiroko for cleaning. Violaine has set up the level and now we take elevations for the quay. Ashley and Meredith take over holding the stadia rod looking for all the world like twins.

Violaine with stadia rod.
Ashley and Meredith holding the stadia rod.

Panoramic view of the sacred lake.

This spectacular panoramic view of the lake was done by Jay in his “time off”. Unbelievable but he goes back to his room and works to make these  remarkable combined images. This one shows us all of the east and south sides of the Mut Lake as it wraps around the temple’s peninsula. Click here to see a larger image.

Lofti and crew moving blocks.

And here is Lotfi and his crew moving and turning one of the two Amenhotep IV blocks that Will and I looked at earlier in the day. To the eye it really just looks like chisel marks, but there is actually a great deal of information still to be recorded.


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