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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hiroko and Betsy looking at blocks. Ahmed Araby greets Betsy and Hiroko.

Hiroko has arrived on site today, after a grueling trip around the world from her home in Indonesia, to Los Angeles for a conference, and then straight on to Cairo by way of several lovely airports. But as always she’s ready to work, and together we look at the condition of the blocks retrieved in the winter and still on the mastabas. As we were talking, Ahmed Araby, our (favorite without doubt) inspector this summer comes up to say hello. We were fortunate enough to have had him for the first several seasons at Mut, but it has been a while now since we were so lucky. He has great talent at moving blocks, and he enjoys it.

Hiroko and Betsy discussing conservation plans for the blocks in the open air area – which is expanding all the time. We will soon be adding to the left (south) of the area you see here.

Hiroko and Betsy discuss concervation of blocks.

In Trench B, Meredith works with Ayman, Farouk’s eldest son. A baked brick feature has emerged here at the south side of the square, near to the quay itself. Jay’s photograph gives a good idea of its presently seen state.

Meredith working with Ayman in Trench B.
View of Trench B.

Seiving the soil.

We have begun to sieve the soil, since we can tell that we are certainly in a lake environment and we want to catch particularly small seeds and organic remains that are not just the modern reeds. Shaina helps to run the damp soil through the wide mesh. Eventually we will wet sieve the bags of soil that we take.

Visit from colleagues.

A visit from colleagues. Ann Macy Roth and her husband Everett Rowson, a renowned scholar of medieval Islamic literature are touring Egypt and stopped by to see Mut for the first time in more than twenty years. We are pleased to see them here.

View of Trench A.

In Trench A we now see that there are stones running south from the quay. There has been no indication of this on the north side in Trench B. Of course we are curious to know whether this is part of the quay itself or a wall that revetted the lake.


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