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Monday, June 16, 2008

Keli and Betsy work on inscription.
Betsy and Keli study inscription.

Keli is continuing to make a drawing of the inscription on our statue found last summer – of the royal scribe Menna. Areas of the inscription are difficult to read, largely due to Amarna period mutilations with poor quality restoration in the late 18th Dynasty. She is asking me to look at her copy, so we stare at it together. Note, however, another spectator is on the scene. Today we are visited by a crew from the Discovery Channel who are making a documentary. So this time we get to film the filmers.

Betsy followed by Discovery Channel film crew.

I doubt that “media star” is likely to be the outcome of this particular 15 minutes on camera. Dr. Zahi has nothing to worry about.

Discovery Channel crew at work.

Will at work.

Keli and Will are now both drawing blocks in the display area behind the temple. Will is working on a scene with the lower half of two gods seated on thrones. As always his technique is impeccable, and Keli is learning to sharpen her already strong drawing skills by working alongside him.

Keli and Will.
Keli studies Will's technique.

Down by the lake, Violaine explains the baked brick that continues to appear in Trench B and new Trench C. Shaina, Meredith and Ashley get a little camera time too, and Ashley shows off an inscription that came up in Trench C, with a bit of text referring a private person. Then it’s back to the real world of taking levels. Shaina gives the thumbs up when they’re done.

Violaine with Discovery Channel crew at Trench B.
Taking levels.
Ashley shows inscription from Trench C.

Stone blocks in Trench A.

By the way, despite all our distractions today, the work proceeds apace, and now in Trench A, stone blocks are visible north to south across the entire square. Clearly we must continue to work to the south of this square to follow the line. Is this only a quay, or do we have a lake revetment? In Trench B the large baked brick feature grows and grows, and its orientation is difficult to ascertain with certainty. But Jay’s photographs are excellent documentation, as will be the drawings when we do them.

Baked bricks in Trench B.

Keli working on drawings.
Will and Keli.
Will helps Shaina with drawing.

Back at our flat in the late afternoon, Shaina and Keli are working on drawings. Everyone is working hard to get the stances of their sherds. It’s not as easy as it looks, but Will is always patient.


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