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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Early morning, and Ashley prepares her notebook for the day. Then she and Shaina assist Violaine who is remeasuring Trench A in order to extend it southward. Unfortunately the stakes have all moved a bit due to the wetness of the ground, and taking measurements on a slope is also a bit tricky. Still they begin the process.

Ashley prepares her notebook.

Water level in lake is dropping.

After many false starts, today for the first time we see the beginning effects of pumping in the lake. Notice the dark fringe around the edge of the lake. It represents about 20 centimeters of reduction in depth. We have been given temporary permission to move the water into the ground water lowering system, as long as it is water without silt in it. After two days our pumps will be disconnected and then rehooked to the waste water system. Then we’ll see the lowering proceed apace.

Betsy, Shaina and Meredith looking at Trench B.
Shaina and Meredith looking at Trench B.

There is a great deal of activity today in Square B, where we have the large baked brick feature. You see me and Meredith staring down into the trench, then Shaina and Meredith doing the same. By tomorrow we’ll have results for you to look at. But for now you can see the general shot of the area. We are uncovering the northwest corner of the horseshoe lake of the goddess Mut, and we are finding that it almost certainly was ringed by a stone revetment and also had at various times, brick additions, whose purposes remain somewhat elusive.

View of the trench area.


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