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Saturday, June 21, 2008

The lake is really coming down quickly now, as you see by the dark ring around the edge which is far wider than yesterday. Look now at our “lake site”, with the “shamsia” shading our new water basin setup in the near ground.

The lake level drops.
Shamsia shading the water basin.

Violaine drawing features in Trench B.      Violaine at work.

Violaine has begun to draw the large baked brick feature in Square B. Much of it is brick collapse, but it is important to record it all in place without presuming what is correct and what fallen. After she is finished, we will remove the top layers of brick to see the width and orientation of the brick. This is extremely hot work, and it will take her all of today and much of tomorrow. So hats off (only in the shade!) to  Violaine. At the end of day, the work in the square is looking very interesting, and the lake is visibly lower.

View across trenches at the end of the day.

Mysterious red substance appears on the lake.


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