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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Trench B.   Violaine and Betsy looking into Trench B.

Back on site after the “weekend”, Violaine and I look at Trench B where we continue to find both stone running north and south and scattered burnt bricks. After this level was finished, drawn, and the photographs taken, the brick tumble was removed. This last shot of B shows the remains of mud brick in the same level.

View across the trenches.

The sump pump installed.   The sump pump allows work to continue.

The sump pump installed in a newly dug three meter well is drawing off some of the ground water that seeps up into the trenches. In Trench A and its extension, E, we have hit water more than once, but the pump is allowing us to continue going down.

Checking the perimeter of the lake.   Hiroko checks a block of sandstone for decorations.

Now that the lake has lowered considerably we are making regular perimeter journeys each day in order to see whether there are inscribed or decorated stone objects or other antiquities becoming visible in the lake. Hiroko and I checked out some pieces of worked sandstone on the west arm of the lake but did not find any pieces with decoration.

Confering in Trench A/E.   The embankment in Trench A/E.

In Trench A/E Abdel-Aziz continues to find stone beneath the already sizeable wall. We are also getting a large amount of pottery from here, including nearly complete broken pots. Will’s excellent shot of the trench from the early morning shows that this embankment was a broad wall as it ran south from the quay.


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