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Monday, June 30, 2008

Keli, Will, and I discuss the drawing that remains to be done before they both leave in two days. They have drawn already more than 40 blocks this past month and have finished everything in the open air display. Now they will work on smaller fragments in the Second Court. It’s hard to say how significant it is to have a team like we are fortunate to have. They work so hard and hit a level of excellence that is just superb. Thanks to all of them.

Betsy, Keli and Will discuss drawings.
Keli, Will and Betsy discuss drawings.

Meredith and Ashley take measurements.
Betsy and Violaine map stone walls.
Taking levels.

Work continues in Trench B and its extension in C, and as Violaine and I map the stone walls, Meredith and Ashley take measurements in a pit that has appeared in Trench B. Then it’s time for levels to be taken again.

Shaina continues wet sieving.
Close view of t he sieve.

Shaina is continuing the wet sieving and flotation that we have doing. We now have samples from more than twelve levels in Trench B, fifteen in A/E, and some ten in C and its extension. It will be a great asset to learn what organic materials we have in the deepest levels where the remainder of roots from the modern reeds are not visible to the eye.

View of the cleaned statue.

Now today Hiroko and Saadi have cleaned nearly the entire front of the Ramesses II (probably earlier Amenhotep III) statue found in the lake. Will’s photograph is a beautiful presentation, but there is still accretion on the sides and rear and much more work will be needed to complete the work.


Betsy working on pottery identification.

Although we are still working on the wall drawing, I take some time to catch up on the pottery identification. Trench A/E produced large quantities of ceramics including large storage jars and drinking cups – apparently all of the last four centuries B.C.E.

Here’s a great shot that Will took from atop the hill west of the quay. From here you can see all of the wall running south from the dock, as well as the baked brick feature in C. There is now stone emerging in the C extension that continues the line of the brick.

View of the excavation site.


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