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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Preparing the water tank.
The granite royal torso.
Wrapping the statue.

Today the granite royal torso will be stored in a water tank until we return in the winter. There will be an exchange of the water every ten days to reduce the salt content as the statue soaks. First Will takes final photos showing that the front of the statue has been completely cleaned of accretions now, but the sides and rear are still heavily coated. Hiroko wrapped the statue as it is then transferred to the tank with the winch. The tank was then filled with water which has been tested for salt content and is quite acceptable. Finally a lid is placed on the tank, and now it is time for Hiroko to leave us.

Lowering the statue into the tank.
The statue in the tank.   Closing the tank.

Violaine hugs Meredith in farewell.

Violaine is leaving too, and she gives Meredith a hug before departing. The workmen stopped and applauded her. She is a wonderful Field Director

The workmen appauld Violaine

The students and the workers -- group shot.

Then we got a shot with Shaina, Ashley, and Meredith together with all their square workers -- the last day for most of them.

Trench B and the quay.

Will’s shot of Trench B and the quay shows well how the stone wall running north of the dock looks in profile very much like a retaining wall and represents stone added in front of earlier set blocks. In the baulk behind the wall Will’s excellent shot shows the mud brick wall that had been added over the stone feature. We have seen that the lake’s revetment was constantly being updated.


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