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Friday, July 4, 2008

Ancient graffiti at the Wadi Hammammat.
At the Wadi Hammammat.

Today is July 4th. Independence Day in more ways than one, so the students use their day off to go to the Wadi Hammammat. I did not go with them, because Dr. Bouwer arrived, and he and I are visiting the West bank at Luxor. But here are a couple of shots that Will took of Shaina, Ashley, and Meredith seeing the remarkable ancient graffiti on the walls of the great dried up river branch. Here the expeditions came to get stone for sarcophagi and statues or traveled on to the Red Sea and they left their names and their missions on the Wadi’s walls.

Ashley, Meredith and Shaina looking at the graffiti.
Grafitti at the Wadi Hammammat.


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