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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Taking levels.

Today and tomorrow we are doing finishing work. I set up to draw the brick feature in Trench C, while the students take levels one final time.

Pottery for analysis.
Students assist Betsy with pottery analysis.

The students were introduced Thursday after work to our pottery analysis on site. Today they are going to help me complete the season’s task while I work on drawing the wall. So first we sit in the “oasis” and look at examples from the season’s material. Then they will take over the notebook and do the entries themselves.

The students take over.

The water level rises with the pump off.

The pump has been off since Thursday and the lake has actually risen quite a bit.

Dr. Bouwer arrives on site.   Dr. Bower, Betsy and Director Fraser Parsons.

ARCE’s Project Director Fraser Parsons arrives on site with Dr. Ed Bouwer, highly esteemed Engineer and Chair of Geography and Environmental Engineering. ARCE has invited him to look over the work as a consultant and to make recommendations and assessments. We take a walk around the lake and both Fraser and I fill him in on our work. Then he returns the favor by commenting quickly on what he sees.

Dr. Bower.   Touring the site with Dr. Bouwer.


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