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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Today Jay and Norman are going to take a plane ride! Yes, they are going up in a small sea plane to take photos over the Mut precinct.

The small airplane

View approaching the Karnak precinct

Soon we see the great precinct of central Karnak and in the background the new offices and facilities for visitors.  As the plane circles around , the view of the Mut Temple enclosure from the south appears. Now Jay takes a number of fine shots as the plane slowly circles the precinct.

View of the Karnack Precinct

View of Mut precinct from the west

These are two of my favorites. The first, taken from the west, crisply reveals our excavation squares behind the lake, particularly those from the 2006 season. All the buildings in the complex are visible. The other shot, taken from the north, provides a good view of the sphinx alley connecting the Tenth pylon of Karnak with the Mut Temple gate and also gives a very good idea of the precinct’s shape and arrangement.

View of sphinx alley and Mut complex from north

Here we have a view of the entire Karnak temples, and the Sacred Lake of central Karnak is highly visible. You will see even the precinct of Montu at North Karnak at the top of the photo. Below is a closer view, showing the distinctive propylon gate at the entrance to the Montu precinct. Thanks Jay and Norman. The pictures are really great.

View of entire Karnak site
Detail shot showing Montu precinct


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