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Sunday, February 16, 2008

Kent and Hiroko stand at site of excavation

Franck has left the site now and flown back to France. He will return March 16 to resume dismantling the wall and then rebuild it. In the space where the work was done, we will now begin to excavate a small square. The area where Kent and Hiroko stand will be the location of our excavation. The conservators will continue to work on the blocks in that east corner of the porch, so that they are strong enough to be moved in March when Franck and Chuck return.

Work on the wall
Work completed

Today we had two sets of visitors to the site. First the Spanish mission, led by Dr. Jose Galan, came to see us. This was only fair, since our study tour group went to see their superb work at the tomb of Djehuty at Dira Abu el Naga on the west side of the Nile. Today their group consists of Egyptologists, artists, architects, and conservators, so they are quite interested in our work. And they are working in a tomb dating to the time of Hatshepsut, so again our material is highly relevant to their own. Our next guests are Jack Josephson and Magda Saleh. Jack is an historian of Egyptian art and a strong supporter of the work of the Brooklyn Museum at Mut, so he has just visited Richard and Mary Fazzini at the front of the precinct. His wife, Magda Saleh, is the most famous prima ballerina of Egypt and is still recognized wherever she goes in the country, despite her having stopped dancing many years ago. They live in New York but visit more and more every year. You see them looking at Keli’s work tracing the statue inscription.

Visitors from the Spanish mission visit Mut
Visitors to Mut


Keli working on text

Keli at work

Speaking of Keli, here she is working on the text that runs down the front of the statue’s kilt. It’s really not much easier to read than the back pillar, except at the top.

Pottery Shots
Pottery Shots

Two more shots of the pottery Norman is working on. It is so great to see that back log of photo work dwindling down to nearly nothing.

Panoramic View of First Court of Mut temple

Jay has been working on something special – it’s a panoramic shot of the First Court of the Mut temple. We include it here, and I hope that you are able to view it on the website. Awesome!
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