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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Level 5 of the excavated square

Now we are in level 5 in the north east porch excavation square. Simone helps Jay by placing his color calibrator in the trench, but it also gives us an up close look at the brick on the left. Note that at the bottom of the photograph there is also brick across the sandstone chip trench. This is because this trench cut through the larger brick wall.

Simone places color calibrator in trench

Mme. Nakhla cleaning a block

Mme. Nakhla, our SCA Conservator, is cleaning this block that was burned heavily in antiquity. Betsy and Kent are also looking at it together. Other blocks around this one showed some slight burning evidence, but this once was intensely fired. It is an interesting puzzle for us to consider – when and in what conditions was this burning done?

Betsy and Kent examine burned block


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