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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Hotel Sofitel Gizirah
View of the Nile from Hotel

Arrival in Cairo, Egypt for 18 students. Our first hotel was the Sofitel Gizirah, on a island in the Nile. The food was great, and everyone had a Nile view due to the unique circular form of the building.

Fornati, Megan and Eden

Ashlyn, Alexandra and Megan

Left to right, Ashlyn, Alexandra, and Megan on the bus to the museum.

Introductions in front of the Egyptian museum and a little bonding with the monuments. Left to right are Fornati, Megan, and Eden.

Ashley, Shania, and Meredith

Our graduate students, left to right Ashley, Shania, and Meredith, and by the way, an obelisk of Ramesses II in the rear!

Harvir, Jackie, Alex and Mark

Left to right Harvir (Harvey to us), Jackie,  Alex, and Mark.

Dinner at the hotel

Sarah and Ashlyn at dinner at the hotel and the rear of Laura (left) and Megan.

Discussion with Dr. Bryan

Left to right, Margaret and Nina discuss with Dr. Bryan.

Tarek, the guide, speaks.

Tarek, our guide for the first five days, spoke to us on the bus and on the sites, joining Dr. Bryan in the explanation of our numerous stops.  There are still some students to whom you have not yet been introduced, but keep looking, because Jan. 6 is also here.


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