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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

An early morning shot of Ashley’s square H shows the new embankment well, and also the wetness of the stone. A/E squares are greatly underwater now, and Fraser Parsons stops by to look at the situation and let us know what he thinks can be done here. Ultimately the answer is that we cannot expect another well here. The water is pooling around the well already in place, and therefore Fraser is not sure what another one could effect. To the south in H might be a possibility once more soil has been removed.

View of square H.
Fraser Parson looks at the situation.

At the west quay.

At the west quay Hiroko continues to work on the Hakoris block. Unfortunately here, despite all good efforts to battle the water, there is continued pooling in the center of the square. Fraser’s team will come later in the day to put in an additional pump.

Hiroko works on the block.
View of the block.

Franck, Laurent and Christophe working on the wall.

Franck, Laurent, and Christophe are working to rebuild the east-west running wall that was dismantled on the west side of the temple. This wall, as said earlier, had subsided greatly and now the blocks do not meet newer sections of the temple when placed at the proper height. Carefully they move the blocks into position and then check the leveling. All is correct in this area.

Moving blocks into position.
Working on the wall.

Dismantling the mastaba.
Removing the brick and plaster.

Meanwhile, in front of the porch, the mastaba that held blocks has been dismantled, making a bit of a masonry mess. However, quickly the workers bring wheelbarrows and begin to clean up the brick and plaster. By later in the day the area is far cleaner, but not yet completed.

Making progress on the cleanup.

Putting in a new well at the west quay.
Placing the auger.   Turning the auger.

After we leave the site Fraser Parsons, Andrew, and the ARCE team return to place a new well at the west quay. They lower their corkscrew augur into the trench and begin to turn it to start the work. Manually with a horizontal bar the men do exactly what a corkscrew does, slowly descending. Meanwhile the pump is prepared with a hose at the side of the trench, and once water has come spilling out at the depth we need, they lower the pump into the well. The aftermath is very messy, but it can be cleaned up quickly, and within a day or two we will notice the difference greatly.

Preparing the pump.   The pump in the well.


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