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This page is for Undergraduate Prospective Students.

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How to Apply | Prospective Undergraduates

Documents & Deadlines About Application Requirements Citizenship Documentation

Apply for financial aid to be considered for the following types of assistance: need-based grants, loans or work opportunities. You do not need to apply for financial aid to be considered for Johns Hopkins' merit-based scholarships only.

Observe the deadlines as funding may not be available for late applicants. Your financial aid application is considered independently of your application for admission. If admitted you will receive a financial aid award notice with your Admissions packet.

Applying for financial aid is relatively easy. A summary of the required documents and their respective deadlines is listed in the chart below. Further details pertaining to each document is noted in the following section.

International applicants: Go to
International students are any students who are not currently U.S. citizens or permanent residents.

Documents & Deadlines (Top)

Required Document

Early Decision Deadline Regular Decision Deadline Transfer Deadline Directions for Submitting

* CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE

November 15 March 1 April 1 Complete online at:
JHU School Code: 5332
* CSS Business/Farm Supplement
(only for families who own a business or farm)
November 15 March 1 April 1 Download and print form at:

Regular Decision applicants should send completed form to IDOC (see link below)

Early Decision applicants should mail or fax completed form to:

Johns Hopkins University
Office of Student Financial Services
3400 N Charles St.
146 Garland Hall
Baltimore, MD 21218
Fax: 786-513-2839
* CSS Noncustodial PROFILE
(only for divorced or separated families)
November 15 March 1 April 1 Complete online at:
JHU School Code: 5332
(may complete only after student registers for CSS PROFILE)
(cannot be filed before
January 1 - used to determine eligibility for federal, state, and Hopkins aid programs)

May 1 March 1

April 1

Complete online at:

JHU School Code: E00473

* Signed copies of 2013 Federal Income Tax Returns (1040, 1040A or 1040EZ) including all schedules and W-2 forms May 1 March 1 April 1 Mail to IDOC:
* Signed copies of noncustodial parent's 2013 Federal Income Tax Return, including all schedules and W-2 forms
(only for divorced or separated families)
May 1 March 1 April 1 Mail to IDOC:
Permanent Resident (Green) Card
(only for Early Decision financial aid applicants whose citizenship status is listed as permanent resident - see Citizenship Documentation section below)
November 15 if status not confirmed on FAFSA if status not confirmed on FAFSA Mail or fax copy to:
Johns Hopkins University
Office of Student Financial Services
3400 N Charles St.
146 Garland Hall
Baltimore, MD 21218
Fax: 786-513-2839

* Required only for families who are applying for Hopkins need-based aid.

About Application Requirements

College Scholarship Service (CSS) /Financial Aid PROFILE:
Prospective students applying for financial aid must submit the CSS PROFILE online to be considered for institutional (Hopkins) need-based funding. The PROFILE may be accessed at for all applicants beginning on October 1. Every student must register on to complete the PROFILE. You will be charged a fee by the College Board to process and report your information to Johns Hopkins. The fee is based on the number of schools you list to receive the data ($9 plus $16 for each school listed.) The College Scholarship Service offers fee waivers to eligible students at the time of registration. Johns Hopkins does not have fee waivers to offer students. Our office will load the Profile data electronically if our school code is listed. Johns Hopkins' CSS PROFILE school code is 5332.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA): The FAFSA is used to determine eligibility for federal, state and institutional (Hopkins) financial aid. This includes low interest student and parent Federal Direct Loans. Only U.S. Citizens or legal permanent residents should submit the FAFSA. File the FAFSA on the web at You and your parent(s) will need federal PINs. A PIN can be obtained at Allow 7–10 days from the time of your request to receive your PIN. You must answer all of the questions on the FAFSA and, if necessary, estimate your income. Do not wait until your tax returns are completed. Johns Hopkins' FAFSA school code is E00473.

Federal Income Tax Returns: JHU uses the CollegeBoard's Institutional Documentation Service (IDOC) to collect copies of parent and student federal income tax returns and other required documents. You will receive correspondence from the CollegeBoard in late January or early February listing all documents required to complete your application and providing instructions for using IDOC. At a minimum, we require signed copies of both parents' and student's federal income tax returns, all schedules and attachments and W-2 forms. If a student or parent did not file a federal income tax return, they must submit a non-filing statement and still provide copies of any W-2s they may have received. All required documents must be submitted to IDOC in a single packet with the required IDOC cover sheet. The IDOC website is:

*Please do not send tax returns or other documents to the Office of Student Financial Services. Send all required documents to IDOC and do not provide tax returns from previous years. Only submit those for the tax year requested.

Note for Early Decision Applicants:
You will receive an estimated financial aid offer with your admission notice which will be based on the information provided on the CSS PROFILE. We will later finalize the aid offer upon review of your FAFSA and completed tax returns and make changes if necessary. A final award notice will be mailed in mid-May.

Note for Regular Decision Applicants: If tax returns cannot be filed prior to the March 1st deadline, please complete and submit them to IDOC as soon as possible thereafter. If all other required documents are received by the March 1st deadline, we will provide an estimated financial aid offer with your admission notice. We will later finalize the award upon review of your completed tax returns and make changes if necessary.

Noncustodial Parent Profile: If your parents are separated or divorced, your noncustodial parent must complete the Noncustodial PROFILE online. The noncustodial parent may access the PROFILE online after the student has registered with CSS PROFILE. An email reminder will be sent to the noncustodial parent to complete the requirement once the student has submitted and completed the PROFILE online with the custodial parent. There is a $25 fee to complete this form. The noncustodial parent must also submit to the CollegeBoard's IDOC service a signed copy of his or her federal income tax return and W-2 forms. Noncustodial parent tax information may be submitted in a separate packet to IDOC. We realize that issues of college support may be complicated in divorce and separated families and we evaluate each situation individually. If you believe special circumstances exist in your family, contact your financial aid advisor.

The U.S. Department of Education has a website designed to assist students and their parents with the challenges of going to college. The website features first-person accounts of students who overcame challenges to going to college such as peer pressure, lack of family support, and financial barriers.

Citizenship Documentation (Top)

You must be a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident to apply for federal student financial aid. Any applicant who is not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident by the admission and/or financial aid deadline must apply for admission and for financial aid as an international student. If you do not meet this citizenship criteria by the admission/financial aid deadline, see the instructions for applying as an International Student.

When an applicant completes the FAFSA, the processor matches the student's name, social security number, and date of birth with the Social Security Administration database (for U.S. citizens) and with the Department of Homeland Security database (for eligible non-citizens). If the match with either database confirms citizenship or permanent resident status, no further documentation is required. However, if the match does not confirm the student's status, the applicant will be required to provide documentation.

One of the following is required to document U.S. citizenship:

  • A copy of a birth certificate showing that the student was born in the United States
  • A copy of a U.S. passport
  • A State Department document showing birth of a U.S. citizen abroad (FS240, FS545, DS1350)
  • A certificate of citizenship through a U.S. parent (N560, N561)
  • A certificate of naturalization (N550, N570)

One of the following is required to document status as a U.S. permanent resident:

  • A Permanent Resident Card (formerly Resident Alien Card) - I-551 (older version I-151 should have been replaced with I-551 but may be accepted)
  • An I-94 document that has been stamped "processed for I-551" and has an expiration date valid through the academic year



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