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Welcome to Online Student Financial Services

The Office of Student Financial Services is pleased to offer web services that enable students to:

  • Review the status of financial aid applications
  • Accept or decline financial aid awards
  • Review financial aid disbursements

Prospective Undergraduates

If you are an undergraduate applicant or if you have just been admitted to JHU as an undergraduate student (i.e. not a currently enrolled student), you will receive instructions from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions on how to access your record. You will be prompted to log into the admission decision portal at, where you will be able to access current information about your admission and financial aid status.

Part-time Graduates & Current Full-Time Graduate and Undergraduate Students

If you are a current graduate or undergraduate student or a part-time graduate student, you will use your JHED LID and Password to access your record using the University's Integrated Student Information System (ISIS). Your JHED Hopkins ID (a unique 6 character identifier) will appear on letters and correspondence from this office.

Care should be taken to treat all of your identifiers as confidential.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is an ISIS ID?

The Johns Hopkins University is committed to safeguarding the privacy of students and their personal information. In an ongoing effort to eliminate Social Security Numbers from correspondence, the Office of Student Financial Services will use the ISIS ID to communicate with you. This unique, 8 character, alpha numeric identifier is assigned to all new and existing students, and will appear on routine e-mail and printed correspondence.

2. How do I obtain my ISIS ID?

Prospective undergraduate students will receive instructions from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions on how to access their records online. An ISIS ID will not be needed in order to access your online record, but you will see it printed on routine letters and communications from our office.

Returning Undergraduates, Graduate and Part-Time students will use their JHED LID and password to access ISIS.

3. What is a JHED LID and how do I get one?

A JHED login ID (or "LID") is a unique identifier for your information in the JHU Enterprise Directory. All students are automatically assigned a LID upon enrollment. You can use your LID to gain remote access to a number of JHU services, such as financial aid, billing and registration. It should not be confused with any barcodes on your various ID cards. If you don't know your login ID, please go to the JHED site at to look yourself up by name and do a "first-time login" to obtain a password.

4. May I register for classes or pay my bill?

Yes, once you have a JHED LID (see question 3).

5. Why can't I access my financial aid awards?

Prospective student financial aid awards are not available online until after admission decisions have been released. For Early Decision applicants, this occurs in mid December, and for Regular Decision applicants, in the first week of April. Returning Undergraduate, Graduate and Part-Time student awards are made available online in early July.

6. How do I find out if you received my forms?

Once you gain access to ISIS, you will see a menu tab called "To Do List". By clicking on this tab, ISIS will display a list of your financial aid documents, along with their current status. Example documents include the FAFSA, tax returns, JHU applications, etc. Documents that are marked as Not Received or Incomplete must be submitted in order to complete your application.

7. How do I view, accept or decline my financial aid?

When financial aid awards are made available online (see question 5), students will have access to a menu tab called "Accept Awards". Students may accept or decline their awards by changing the status to Accept or Decline.



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