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    Events for 2014-2015

    September 5-6, 2014IBR Retreat
    September 20-23, 2014Gibb's Conference on Biothermodynamics
    February 7-11, 2015Biophysical Society Meeting
    March 6-7, 2015PMB recruiting weekend


    Lab Meetings
    AUC sign-up
    CD sign-up
    Fluorometer sign-up
    FPLC sign-up
    Stirring incubator sign-up


    Protein Preps
    OMP Inclusion Body Prep
    Purifying OMPs on a Q column
    Purifying His-tagged proteins
    Purifying TEV
    TEV FAQs
    Using the Ultrafiltration Cell
    OMP amino acid sequences
    OMP nucleotide sequences
    Using the French Press
    Using the FPLC
    Using the CD
    Using the Fluorometer
    Using the Emulsiflex
    Drying Down Lipids
    Purifying Native E. coli Lipids
    Phosphate Assay
    Thin Layer Chromatography
    Sonicating SUVs
    Making Lab Stocks
    Making Urea
    Transformation by Electroporation
    Making Electrocompetent Cells


      Last updated August 2014