The Johns Hopkins Gazette: April 19, 1999
Apr. 19, 1999
VOL. 28, NO. 31


Phi Beta Kappa Chapter to Induct 138 New Members

Johns Hopkins Gazette Online Edition

The annual induction of new members into Phi Beta Kappa will be held on Wednesday, May 26, at 10 a.m. in the Glass Pavilion on the Homewood campus. Students and faculty members who have previously been elected to Phi Beta Kappa by any university are welcome to attend.

Phi Beta Kappa, the first society to have a Greek letter name, was founded in 1776 at the College of William and Mary to foster and recognize excellence in the liberal arts and sciences. The Hopkins chapter--known officially as the Alpha Chapter of Maryland of the Phi Beta Kappa Society--was established in 1895. In May, it will add to its rolls 138 new members.

Juniors elected to the society generally rank around the top 2 percent and seniors in the top 10 to 15 percent of their respective classes, not counting engineering students or those previously elected. In addition to a high cumulative average, the nominating committee looks for evidence of outstanding intellectual achievement and breadth of learning.

Undergraduates attending SAIS and the Johns Hopkins/Columbia University Accelerated Interdisciplinary Legal Education Program are eligible for election and are judged on the same basis as the students completing a regular four-year sequence at Homewood. The Hopkins chapter of Phi Beta Kappa does permit some doctoral students to be admitted as well.

Students Elected to Phi Beta Kappa
April 1999

From the junior class in the School of Arts and Sciences

Teal Elizabeth Anderson
Alexander James Diesl
Michelle Elaine Downie
Jairam Rao Eswara
Zachary Adam Friedman
Maria Catherine Gonsalves
Megan Marie Kelly
Ryan Michael Kretzer
Yang David Lee
Sean Christopher O'Rourke
Nathan Joseph Ranalli
Sashank Kurapati Reddy
Michael Henry Rosenbloom
Kari Lee Rosenthal
Farrokh Sohrabi
Kimberly Marie Telsch
Chandu Vemuri

From the senior class in the School of Arts and Science

Theresa Maria Allocco
Joshua Farley Apgar
Lee William Ashendorf
Niharika Parthasarathy Bansal
Christopher William Baugh
Robin Collins Bayne
Sunday Ruth Boling
Joanna Brzeska
Sarah Luz Carricaburu
Michael William Cavino
Pedro Eugene Ceppa
Fred Yu-I Chien
Jonathan Abraham Cohen
Benedicto Marquez Cortez Jr.
Maryfrances Cwik
Neal Rajat Dandona
Francis Joseph Dausch
John Debes IV
Luke Wahl Deitz
Joshua Roger Dishon
David Adam Drazen
Mauricio A. Figueroa
Matthew Bach Friese
Wendy Michelle Froehlich
Simeon John George
Rajeev Kumar Goel
Matthew Golkar
Lawrence Vincent Gulotta
Ani Gurciyan
Ryan C.W. Hall
Robert Michael Harman
Nathanael David Hartland
Anny Chi-Jin Ho
George Kung Ming Ho
Laurie Anne Hochstetler
Huiming Hon
Jenny Jimmy Hong
Bruce K. Huang
Jennifer Chau Huang
Magritte Sara Hyman
Calvin Edward Johnson
Thomas Sun-Jin Jung
Amy Elizabeth Kane
Lanka Pradeepa Karunaratne
Michael J. Katsnelson
Peter Daniel Kay
Luke Kwon Kim
Min Kim
Alexander Michael Lam
Kate Jenner Leary
Edith Lee
Grace Miwon Lee
Matthew Raymond Leich
Charmaine Ka-Chit Leung-Shea
Steven P. Levine
Sarah Alexis Lewis
David Lo
Gregg Ian Malawer
Jeffrey Michael McCurry
Kristen Marie McKee
Elizabeth Ann Meuse
Naureen Azamali Mirza
Tae Kyu Nam
Molly Ness
Pilar Oberwetter
Sang-Rog Oh
Cynthia Michelle Palinkas
Katherine Elizabeth Palley
Robert McCarthy Palumbos
Kapil Kumar Saharia
Rachel Lynn Shapiro
Kevin Navin Sheth
Lucas Lee Sjulson
Benjamin Martin Slade
Alicica Francisca Slavis
Kristi Rae Stanton
Noah Daniel Stein
Augustus G. Stern
Robert Arthur Stowe
Kate Ann Szajkowski
Stephanie Sun-Li Tang
Nicholas Toloudis
Michael Tsan Ty
Justin Theodore Wahlstrom
Craig Michael Winters
Micahel Ishu Yang
Linda Ja Yi
Scott Edward Yochim
Anthony Brandt Zipp

From the School of Advanced International Studies

Andrea Lynn Collis
Kellie Ann Lim
Leo Joseph Wise

From the graduate school in Arts and Sciences

Chris Alan Rollston

M.D. candidates from the School of Medicine

Sheri Gerise Chernetsky
Marcus Patrick Cooper
Tanya Prowell
Scott Brian Reeder

Ph.D. candidates from the School of Medicine

Shonda Anne Leonard
Kevin John O'Donovan
Brian Anthony Pierchala

Ph.D. candidates from the School of Public Health

Yu-Hsiang Hsieh
Han-Yao Huang
Anthony Charles Kuhlmann
Wing-Hang Leung
Kuo-I Lin
Yan Yan

From the senior class in the School of Arts and Sciences/elected in 1998

Homaa Ahmad
Robert Scott Hoy
Grace Jewel Kim
Marcus J.Y. Ko
David Krug
Amy Marie Mason
Jamie Aileen Masone
John Kent Northrop
Lisa Marie Tibor
Rebecca E. Zarutskie
Karl Zheng

From the senior class in the School of Arts and Sciences/elected in 1997

Sujeet Surendra Acharya
Tony Tachung Lee
Jesse Colin Watson
Llyd Ewan Wells