The Johns Hopkins Gazette: October 16, 2000
October 16, 2000
VOL. 30, NO. 7


For The Record: Milestones

Johns Hopkins Gazette Online Edition

The following staff members recently retired or celebrated an anniversary with the university in September 2000. The information is compiled by the Office of Faculty, Staff and Retiree Programs, 410-516-6060.


30 years of service
Warrington, Melissa K., MSE Library

20 years of service
Barnett, Linda B., CTY
Gaskins, Carolyn D., MSE Library
Kleeman, Frances Alice, JHPIEGO

10 years of service
Bularz, Mary E., CTY
McNair, Brian Terrell, MSE Library

5 years of service
Lanusse, Eliane, JHPIEGO
Robie, Amy, Institute for Policy Studies
Rowins, Charles H., CTY


10 years of service
Holmes, Charles P., Physics and Astronomy
McCarty, Richard E., Dean

5 years of service
Cooper, Robert, CSOS
Dahl, Stephen C., Biology
Kholodenko, Victoria, Biology
Northington, Jewel, Hopkins ITS


15 years of service
Rhyner, Jane Gentil, Hopkins Union

10 years of service
Goodwin, Kimberly Anne, Undergraduate Admissions


15 years of service
Lancaster, Delores Jean, Journals Customer Service

10 years of service
Ricks, Nancy S., Books Customer Service


40 years of service
Averella, Tina, Welch Medical Library

35 years of service
Pryor, Joan, Gynecology-Obstetrics

30 years of service
McCann, Minnie E., Biomedical Engineering
Norman, Stella L., Medical Practice Plan

25 years of service
Brooker, Agnes, Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine
DiFerdinando, Cynthia N., Urology
Grudzien, Debra D., Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine
Klein, Viiu Ann, Biological Chemistry
Langbaum, Terry S., Planning and Marketing
Lee, Sylvia A., Laboratory Animal Medicine
Piorunski, Michael E., Ophthalmology

20 years of service
Behrens, Debbie L., Pathology Billing
Pearce, Barbara, Medicine
Rogers, Cynthia Ann, Molecular Biology and Genetics
Ryder, Linda Jean, Surgery

15 years of service
Adelsberg, Donna T., Surgery
Devlin, Jeanette S., Continuing Education
Felch, Linda, Behavioral Pharmacology (BPRU)
Finecey, Deborah L., Orthopedic Surgery
Gallagher, Tammy L., Medicine
Liggins, Angela Y., Oncology Administration
Ragan, Rita G., Neuroscience
Ross, Deborah Lynn, Orthopedic Surgery
Shifflett, Donna, Pathology Billing
Wankel, Loretta Ann, NICU
Young, Frances Christine, Orthopedic Surgery

10 years of service
Helwig, Kathleen, Oncology
Johnson, Jacqueline H., Medicine Billing
Johnston-Price, Jill, Psychiatry
Jones, Anthony, Public Affairs
Linehan, Michelle P., Sponsored Projects Administration
Linton, Melanie Nate, University Health Service
Miller, Kathleen, Institute of Genetic Medicine
Minas, Nicolette M., Oncology
Packham, Linda L., Pediatrics
Palardy, Carol Beth, Ophthalmology
Porter, Jacqueline, Clinical Immunology
Reddish, Dexter T., Psychiatry Billing
Sigler, Lisa Ann, Medicine
Stark, Claude Russell, Maintenance
Wilkins, Linda J., Radiology

5 years of service
Agarwal, Shikha, Physiology
Baer, Kimberly S., Pediatric Cardiology
Beard, Audra, Anesthesiology Billing
Call, Diana, Surgery
Carter, Ethel, Physicians Billing Service
Chen, Ya Hui, Cell Biology and Anatomy
Cross, Jacqueline K., Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Edmonds, Karen Nadine, Radiology
Graves, Theresa Y., Pediatric Cardiology
Hall, Catina, Physicians Billing Service
Hattenburg, Catherine, Gynecology-Obstetrics
Hollick, Rosemary A., Ophthalmology
Jenkins, Nicol O., Surgery
Jones, Marie M., Molecular Biology and Genetics
Kiah, Takisha R., Ophthalmology
Knight, Charlene G., Psychiatry
Lai, Jun, Neuroscience
Lawrence, Shavonne, Pediatrics Billing
Lee, Chi Lien, Gynecology-Obstetrics
Lee, Michael, Physicians Billing Service
Lessans, Douglas J., Biomedical Information Sciences
Lewis, Robin, Greensprings Station
Lyon, Patricia A., Medicine
Martin, Rhea C., Medicine
McCarty, Denise L., Welch Medical Library
McNamara, Linda Jean, Psychiatry Billing
Spangler, Christine A., Clinical Immunology
Wade, Gregory, Pathology Billing
Willing, Mary C., Behavioral Pharmacology (BPRU)


15 years of service
Biglari, Nancy L., Business Office/Personnel
Ruof, Jeannine M., Registrar/Financial Aid

5 years of service
Perry, Donna, Finance and Administration


20 years of service
Fetter, David, Director's Office

10 years of service
Brant, Joseph F., Plant Administration

5 years of service
Sirota, Robert B., Director


5 years of service
Nichols, Claudia Marie, Development and Alumni Relations


35 years of service
Buckley, Carol Ann, International Health

20 years of service
Case, Patricia, Epidemiology
Ottey, Barbara J., Dean's Office

15 years of service
Collison, Betty, Epidemiology
Shaw, Cynthia K., Population Information

10 years of service
McCullough, Christopher, Biostatistics
Nanda, Joy P., Population and Family Health Sciences
Nelson, Diane Tulkoff, Population Communication Services
O'Connor, Karen Ann, ORS Personnel

5 years of service
Chen, Ling-Mei, Environmental Health Sciences
Dawson, Christopher, Epidemiology
Gayle, Jeanne O., Mental Hygiene
Kemp, Norene C., Information Systems
Mitchell, Frances D., Health Policy and Management
Piantadosi, Bonnie R., Epidemiology


10 years of service
Szabo, Stephen, Dean for Academic Affairs


35 years of service
Day, Furman, Plant Operations and Maintenance

25 years of service
Baraz, Cem, The Johns Hopkins Club

20 years of service
McCarron, Katherine H., Homewood Human Resources

15 years of service
McNutt, Ann, Hopkins ITS
Rose, Frank Wayne, Housing Office
Savage, Frederick G., Office of Vice President and General Counsel

10 years of service
Bright, Patricia S., President's Office
Mangels, Andrew P., Controller's Office
Scheurer, Anne Galloway, Development Research
Stifler, Ellen K., Development and Alumni Relations
Williams, Paula Penelope, Development and Alumni Relations

5 years of service
Barrow, Debra S., Development and Alumni Relations
Bernett, Clyde A., Jr., Office of Vice President and General Counsel
Johnson, Jane Lloyd, Development and Alumni Relations
Lankowski, Carl Francis, American Institute of Contemporary German Studies
Liles, Michael Timothy, Plant Operations and Maintenance