The Johns Hopkins Gazette: October 16, 2000
Oct 16-23

Johns Hopkins Gazette Online Edition



Tues., Oct. 17, 4 p.m. "Mathematical Explanation: Problems and Prospects," a Philosophy colloquium with Paolo Mancosu, University of California, Berkeley; 348 Gilman. HW

Tues., Oct. 17, 4:15 p.m. "Heterogeneous Reactions of Environmental and Atmospheric Importance: A Spectroscopic and Kinetic Study of HNO3, NO2 and SO2 Reactions on Oxide Particle Surfaces," a Chemistry colloquium with Vicki Grassian, University of Iowa; 233 Remsen. HW

Wed., Oct. 18, 4 p.m. "Development of Spatial Categorization in Young Infants," a Psychology colloquium with Paul Quinn, Washington and Jefferson College; 234 Ames. HW

Thurs., Oct. 19, 3 p.m. "Cultural Tourism: The Promise and Peril of Fusing the Past and Present," a History of Science, Medicine and Technology colloquium with Hal Rothman, University of Nevada, Las Vegas; 329 Gilman. HW

Thurs., Oct. 19, 4 p.m. "Women in Physics: Prospects for the 21st Century," a Physics and Astronomy colloquium with Liz Simmons, Boston University; Schafler Auditorium, Bloomberg Center. HW



Wed., Oct. 18, 7 p.m. Exhibiting artists Derek Arnold, Beth Ann G. Morrison, Wayne Nield and John Ruppert will discuss their recent work. $8 for Evergreen members, $10 for non-members. Reservations required. 410-516-0341. Evergreen



Thurs., Oct. 19, 7 p.m. "Late Harvests: A Cinematic Exploration of Aging," a Cultural Affairs film series, presents Love and Death on Long Island (1997), starring John Hurt. There will be a post-screening discussion with Rawley Grau; Mountcastle Auditorium, PCTB. JHMI



Tues., Oct. 17, 5 p.m. "The U.S.-China Relations: Sweet and Sour," a China Studies Program lecture by Winston Lord; Kenney Auditorium, Nitze Bldg., 1740 Massachusetts Ave., N.W. SAIS

Tues., Oct. 17, 6 p.m. "Lessons from Yugoslavia," a European Studies lecture by Ivo Daalder, The Brookings Institution; Rome Auditorium, 1619 Massachusetts Ave., N.W. SAIS

Wed., Oct. 18, 12:30 p.m. "Community Support for Education in Africa--Shifting Costs or Sharing Power," a Social Change and Development brown bag lecture by Patrick Watt, consultant to the World Bank; 535 Rome, 1619 Massachusetts Ave., N.W. SAIS

Thurs., Oct. 19, 5:30 p.m. "Social Capital, Globalization and Development," a lecture by Francis Fukuyama, George Mason University. Part of the series "The Forum on Constructive Capitalism." Kenney Auditorium, Nitze Bldg., 1740 Massachusetts Ave., N.W. SAIS

Fri., Oct. 20, 2 p.m. The Seventh Annual Ernest P. Gray Lecture--"Images of the Magnetosphere" by Donald Mitchell; Kossiakoff Center. APL Program is simulcast to 218 Maryland Hall on the Homewood campus.

Mon., Oct. 23, 4 p.m. The Amgen Lecture--"The Spinal Muscular Atrophy Gene Product: A Master of RNA-Protein Machines" by Gideon Dreyfuss, University of Pennsylvania. Sponsored by Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. W2030 SPH. JHMI

Mon., Oct. 23, 7 p.m. "How Gene Therapy Will Change Medicine," a PreHealth lecture by George Dover. Part of the AED series "What the Future Holds." Sherwood Room, Levering. HW



Tues., Oct. 17, noon. Midday Concert by solo pianist John Einhaus. Sponsored by Cultural Affairs. Hurd Hall. JHMI

Sat., Oct. 21, 8 p.m. "Different Facets," the Hopkins Symphony Orchestra opening concert for the 2000-2001 season, featuring music by Stravinsky and Brahms. At 7 p.m., there will be a pre-concert lecture by Max Derrickson. $7, $6 for students and senior citizens; free for JHU students with J card. 410-516-6542. Shriver Hall. HW

Sat., Oct. 21, 8 p.m. Peabody Symphony Orchestra concert with piano soloist Mathieu Gaudet (winner of the Harrison Winter Competition), featuring music by Bartok and Brahms. $16, $8 for senior citizens and $5 for students with I.D. Part of the Ruth Blaustein Rosenberg Series. Friedberg Concert Hall. Peabody

Sun., Oct. 22, 3 p.m. Concert by organist Donald Sutherland, with soprano Phyllis Bryn-Julson; Gary Louie, saxophone; Elisa Koehler and James Sherry, trumpets; and Svetoslav Stoyanov and Ling Sun, percussion. $16, $8 for senior citizens and $5 for students with I.D. Griswold Hall. Peabody



Fri., Oct. 13, dusk. Maryland Space Grant Observatory Telescope open house, public viewing beginning at dusk, weather permitting. Bloomberg Center. HW



Mon., Oct. 16, 4 p.m. "Embodied Citizenships: Gender and the Crisis of Nation in Weimar Germany," a History seminar with Kathleen Canning; 315 Gilman. HW

Tues., Oct. 17, noon. "Regulation of Drosophila Vision through a Supramolecular Signaling Complex," a Biological Chemistry seminar with Craig Montell; 612 Physiology. JHMI

Tues., Oct. 17, 12:15 p.m. "44 Years of Healthcare and Development in Haiti," an International Health special seminar with Henry Perry, Hopital Albert Schweitzer, Haiti (related story in this issue). W3204 SPH. JHMI

Tues., Oct. 17, 4 p.m. "Empire and Evangelism in the 16th Century: The Spanish in the Far East," a World History seminar with Patrick Provost-Smith; 315 Gilman. HW

Wed., Oct. 18, noon. "State Making by Condescension: The Commission of the European Union Reads the 'Eastern' Applications for Membership in the Core," a Sociology seminar with Jozsef Borocz, Rutgers University; 526 Mergenthaler. HW

Wed., Oct. 18, 1:30 p.m. "Smac/DIABLO in Apoptosis: A Target for Therapeutic Intervention?" a Biophysics and Biophysical Chemistry seminar with Yigong Shi, Princeton University; 517 PCTB. JHMI

Wed., Oct. 18, 4 p.m. "Pulsed Laser Induced Melting and Solidification of Thin Materials," a Materials Science and Engineering seminar with Jim Im, Columbia University; 110 Maryland. HW

Wed., Oct. 18, 4 p.m. "What Maintains the Integrity of the Mammalian Circadian System?" a Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences seminar with Michael Menaker, University of Virginia; 303 WBSB. JHMI

Thurs., Oct. 19, 11 a.m. "Does Nanoscale Charge Nonuniformity Control Bulk Colloidal Behavior?" a Chemical Engineering seminar with Darrell Velegol, Pennsylvania State University; 110 Maryland. HW

Thurs., Oct. 19, 1 p.m. "Axon Guidance Mechanisms in the Development of the Corpus Callosum," a Neuroscience research seminar with Linda Richards, University of Maryland, Baltimore; 811 WBSB. JHMI

Thurs., Oct. 19, 2 p.m. "Vesicle Traffic in Polarized Epithelial Cells: What's New?" a Cell Biology and Anatomy seminar with Ann Hubbard; 110 WBSB. JHMI

Thurs., Oct. 19, 3 p.m. "A Flexible and Affordable Rapid Prototyping Environment for MEMS Implementation," a Mechanical Engineering seminar with Michael Huff, MEMS Exchange; 110 Maryland. HW

Thurs., Oct. 19, 3:45 p.m. "Global Univalence and Local Inverse Function Theorems for Nonsmooth Functions," a Mathematical Sciences seminar with M. Seetharama Gowda, University of Maryland, Baltimore County; 304 Whitehead. HW

Thurs., Oct. 19, 4 p.m. "Dynamic Phosphoregulation of Actin and Endocytosis Revealed by Real-Time Chemical-Genetic Analysis," a Biology seminar with David Drubin; 100 Mudd. HW

Thurs., Oct. 19, 4 p.m. "Perverse Aid: The New Market for Foreign Assistance," an Institute for Global Studies in Culture, Power and History general seminar with Alexander Cooley and James Ron; 404 Macaulay. HW

Fri., Oct. 20, 11 a.m. "Nocturnal Asthma: Impact on Children and Their Parents," a Center for Childhood Asthma in the Urban Environment research seminar with Greg Diette; W7025 SPH. JHMI

Fri., Oct. 20, 4 p.m. "The Power of Computational Biochemistry: Calculating Glucose Transport by the PTS," a Biology seminar with Johann Rohwer, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa; 100 Mudd. HW

Mon., Oct. 23, 12:15 p.m. "Coordinate BMP Signaling in Cell Fate Determination," a Carnegie Institution of Washington Embryology seminar with Kristi Wharton, Brown University; Seminar Room, 115 W. University Pkwy. HW

Mon., Oct. 23, 4 p.m. The David Bodian Seminar in Neuroscience--"Visual Surface as a Reference Frame for Coding and Attention" with Zijiang He, University of Louisville. Sponsored by Zanvyl Krieger Mind/Brain Institute. 338 Krieger. HW

Mon., Oct. 23, 4 p.m. "Root Structure and Water Relations of Tropical Forests," an Earth and Planetary Sciences seminar with Leo Sternberg, University of Miami; 305 Olin. HW

Mon., Oct. 23, 4 p.m. "Framing the Field of Law's Disciplinary Encounters: An Historical Narrative," a History seminar with Christopher Tomlins, American Bar Foundation; 315 Gilman. HW



Mon., Oct. 16. The 17th World Food Day Teleconference--"Poverty and Hunger: The Tragic Link." Coordinated by the JHU Center for a Livable Future. Hampton House Auditorium. JHMI

  • noon to 1 p.m. Conversation with Nobel laureate Amartya Sen. Sponsored by the U.S. National Committee for World Food Day.

  • 1 to 3 p.m. Local teleconference programming.

    Tues., Oct. 17, 4 to 6 p.m. "Race, Criminal Justice and the War on Drugs," panel discussion with speakers Jamie Fellner, associate counsel, Human Rights Watch; William Chambliss, George Washington University; and Peter Andreas, Reed College. Garrett Room, MSE Library. HW

    Wed., Oct. 18, noon. "125 Years Compressed into One," a lecture by Mame Warren, oral historian and author of Johns Hopkins: Knowledge of the World, a new book celebrating the university's upcoming 125th anniversary. Warren will show slides, discuss writing of book. Part of the Wednesday Noon Series, sponsored by Special Events. Shriver Hall. HW

    Historian Mame Warren will give a lecture, "125 Years Compressed into One," in recognition of the university's 125th anniversary.

    Thurs., Oct. 19, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. MSE Symposium 2000--"Unfinished Business: Addressing Race, Class and Gender at the Turn of the Millennium" Today's event: "Rock the Vote: Are We Going to Vote? Why We Should," with speakers, live music and voter registration. 410-516-7683 or visit The Beach. HW



    Wed., Oct. 18, 7 p.m. Volleyball, vs. Gettysburg; Newton White Athletic Center.

    Wed., Oct. 18, 7 p.m. Men's Soccer, vs. Richard Stockton; Homewood Field.

    Mon., Oct. 23, 4 p.m. Women's Soccer, vs. Elmhurst; Homewood Field.



    Fri., Oct. 20; Sat., Oct. 21; and Sun., Oct. 22, 8 p.m. JHU Barnstormers present Throat Culture, an annual sketch comedy about life at Hopkins. $3. 410-516-7092. Arellano Theater, Levering Union. HW