The Johns Hopkins Gazette: August 6, 2001
August 6, 2001
VOL. 30, NO. 41


Krieger School Names First Dean of Faculty

In new post, Daniel Weiss will serve the interests of faculty and departments

By Michael Purdy

Johns Hopkins Gazette Online Edition

Daniel Weiss, a professor of art history and former chair of the department, has assumed the new title of dean of the faculty of the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences. The new position reports to Krieger School Dean Richard McCarty. Weiss said that he and McCarty envisioned the new position as a way of making sure that the Dean's Office can help faculty and departments address concerns and further their planning in a more timely manner.

Daniel Weiss

"The job of the dean of the Krieger School has become increasingly complex," said Weiss, who served as senior adviser for academic affairs in the year leading up to his appointment as dean of the faculty. "There is more that we would like to do for faculty and departments, and as we prepared to implement the Krieger School Strategic Plan, which includes a significant development effort, we concluded that we needed to take steps to leverage Dean McCarty's time more effectively and to improve the ability of the Dean's Office to serve the interests of the faculty."

A graduate of the George Washington University, Weiss earned a master's degree in art history from Johns Hopkins in 1982. Later degrees included an MBA from the Yale School of Management, with a concentration in nonprofit management, and a doctorate in art history from Hopkins in 1992. Weiss joined the faculty at Hopkins in 1993 and served as chair of the department from 1998 until last month.

According to Weiss, the dean of the faculty will have two primary areas of responsibility: faculty and academic departments. "I will work with faculty and department chairs on a wide variety of issues, including new appointments, promotions, retentions and retirements, and will work in partnership with departments to build faculty quality and enhance the competitiveness of our programs." At the department level, Weiss plans to support chairs with long-term planning, assist new chairs and, when possible, provide support for interdepartmental collaboration.

Weiss will also work on the implementation of the new Krieger School Strategic Plan, which was developed under McCarty's leadership this past year. Weiss said, "I will work in close partnership with Dean McCarty to provide help on these and other issues so that he is able to take a more strategic perspective in leading the school."

Professor Walter Melion succeeded Weiss as chair of the History of the Art Department.