The Johns Hopkins Gazette: May 21, 2001
May 21, 2001
VOL. 30, NO. 35


School of Nursing's Pennington Award

By Kate Pipkin
School of Nursing
Johns Hopkins Gazette Online Edition

With an amazing amount of energy and a pleasant word for everyone she encounters, School of Nursing assistant professor Susan Appling is a familiar figure around Hopkins. Appling is this year's recipient of the Caroline Pennington Award, which is named after a graduate of the class of 1918 and recognizes qualities that define special teachers.

A 1973 graduate of the School of Nursing with a master's degree from the University of Maryland, Appling teaches undergraduate students. In addition to her teaching responsibilities, Appling is a nurse practitioner at the Breast Center of The Johns Hopkins Hospital. Her areas of research and expertise include health promotion, disease prevention, nursing and health policy and politics, breast-related diseases and care, and evaluation of care provided by nurse practitioners.

Susan Appling

One student referred to Appling as "without a doubt the most competent, efficient, compassionate nurse I have ever encountered.

"The clarity and content of her lectures are outstanding," the student said. "Her enthusiasm for nursing, her caring attitude and her excitement for us as new nurses shines through brightly. She is always approachable and willing to help and treats everyone equally and with respect."

Affectionately called "Supernurse" by many of her students, Appling said she is pleased and honored to receive the teaching award. "Teaching is such an enjoyable process," she says. "I really get a kick out of seeing students learn. It is most gratifying to know that my students take what I teach them and put it to good use."