The Johns Hopkins Gazette: May 28, 2002
May 28, 2002
VOL. 31, NO. 36


Leadership Recognition Awards Presented at Homewood

By Amy Cowles
Johns Hopkins Gazette Online Edition

During May, awards pop up on the Homewood campus like springtime wildflowers. Those bountiful blooms were gathered into a bouquet on May 2 in Shriver Hall for the second annual Leadership Recognition Program. The event was created last year by the Department of Student Life to recognize Hopkins' exceptional students during one cohesive evening.

Just as a field of wildflowers is too prolific for a single nosegay, the ceremony celebrated more awards than can be mentioned here. But many are listed below:

The Class of 2002 Awards category included the prestigious Alexander K. Barton Cup, presented this year to Sarah Davies because she exemplifies Barton's strong character, high ideals and effective moral leadership.

Peter DiConza took home the Belle and Herman Hammerman Award, which recognizes the senior entering law school who combines academic excellence with outstanding leadership.

The Dean of Student Life Achievement Award was given to Anuj Mittal. Each year, this honor goes to the student who displays a marked improvement in his or her academic and co-curricular experience at Johns Hopkins, taking great strides to make a difference on campus.

Michael Schwartz received the Florence "Meg" Long Walsh Second Decade Society Leadership Award, which pays for one year of postgraduate study abroad so recipients can hone their independent thinking and leadership skills--traits for which Long was known.

Daniel Weiss, dean of the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences faculty and a professor in the History of Art Department, and Louis Whitcomb, assistant professor of mechanical engineering in the Whiting School of Engineering, received the George E. Owen Teaching Award for their devotion to undergraduates.

Several awards were given to people and groups for their service, loyalty and contributions to the Homewood community: The News-Letter received the Homewood Award; Ernest McDowell took home the Homewood Cup; James B. Almond Jr., financial coordinator in the Department of Student Life, and Jane Rhyner, director of facilities for the Mattin Center and Levering Union, received the Gilman Cup. Vernon Lidtke, a professor in the History Department, and Martha Roseman, an academic consultant in the Office of Academic Advising, received the Old Gold and Sable Award. The Gold Cup went to Paul Jacobus, assistant director of Recreational Facilities.