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The newspaper of The Johns Hopkins University September 2, 2003 | Vol. 33 No. 1
From Vienna in 1900 to the Frontiers of Medicine: Odyssey Journeys Begin

The Odyssey Program — Johns Hopkins' noncredit liberal arts program for adults — begins its 19th academic season in October with more than 60 courses that offer participants lively access to the research and scholarship being conducted at Hopkins and elsewhere in the region.

Participants can choose from courses that will broaden their understanding of important current events in international relations, science and medicine, and of Baltimore's rich maritime past. They can attend a series of lectures and restaurant dinners that examine the culture and cuisine of Japan, Italy and France or go behind the scenes of the Baltimore Chamber Orchestra and attend a concert conducted by a finalist auditioning for the position of music director. In a course that studies historic preservation in Maryland, they can learn how to date American architectural styles, research their own homes and be an old-house "detective."

Some of the highlights:

Frontiers of Medicine: A Mini-Med School offers participants the opportunity to learn about breakthroughs in medical science and hear from the people whose research is making headlines and how these issues can affect their personal health.

Vienna 1900: City at a Crossroads examines Vienna's rich and tumultuous history, its ethnic diversity and unique contributions to 20th-century modernism. The course concludes with a reception at the Austrian Embassy, where participants will hear musical performances and a talk by a member of the embassy staff.

U.S. Troops Abroad: Short-Term Goals and Long-Term Implications will look at current military strategies for U.S. troop deployment in foreign countries, how these troops are being received, what goals must be accomplished before they are removed and the long-term effects of their presence.

In addition to lecture series, Odyssey offers courses in art, music, science, literature, politics, popular culture, environmental studies, aging, foreign languages and creative writing. Some 130 courses and lecture series are offered annually as part of an extensive curriculum designed to provide professional development and personal enrichment.

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