The Johns Hopkins Gazette: March 3, 2003
March 3, 2003
VOL. 32, NO. 24


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Killing Ground: The Civil War and the Changing American Landscape
by John Huddleston

A photographic odyssey through the modern-day landscape of the Civil War, this collection of images pairs historical photographs of the conflict from 62 battle sites--battlefield scenes, soldiers living and dead, prisoners of war, civilians and slaves--with full-color images of the same locations a century and a half later, taken by acclaimed photographer John Huddleston at the same time of year and often at the same hour of the day. Sometimes Huddleston's lens reveals a department store or fast-food restaurant carelessly built on hallowed ground; other times, overgrown fields or well-manicured parks. The indelible images challenge the meaning of place in American culture and the evolving legacy of the Civil War in our national memory. (February, 200 pages, $35 hardcover)

Religion Returns to the Public Square: Faith and Policy in America
Edited by Hugh Heclo and Wilfred M. McClay

While religion has never really lost its place in American public life, it is currently re-emerging in unexpected and paradoxical ways. Religious institutions are being granted expanded roles in the federal government's welfare and education programs; at the same time, the limits of religious pluralism have become a question of urgent public concern. Bringing together leading thinkers from a variety of disciplines, this volume uncovers the philosophical, historical, legal and social roots of the uniquely American relationship between faith and politics, and explores the present-day permutations and implications of this relationship. (February, 408 pages, $22.50 paperback)