Johns Hopkins Gazette | November 15, 2004
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The newspaper of The Johns Hopkins University November 15, 2004 | Vol. 34 No. 12

For the Record: Milestones

The following staff members recently retired or celebrated an anniversary with the university in October of 2004. The information is compiled by the Office of Faculty, Staff and Retiree Programs, 410-516-6060.


Academic and Cultural Centers

30 years of service
Donahue, Mary W., MSE Library

10 years of service
Burns, Claudia, Center for Talented Youth
Kowalczyk, Evelyn, Institute for Policy Studies

5 years of service
Brooks, Cathy O., Center for Talented Youth
Tillery, Vanessa, Center for Talented Youth
Wheeler, Jennifer E., Center for Talented Youth


Bloomberg School of Public Health

30 years of service
Hubbard, Patty A., Biostatistics

25 years of service
Harris, Carolyn, Molecular Microbiology and Immunology
Mapp, Joyce A., Epidemiology
Zepp, Gloria J., Epidemiology

15 years of service
Russo, Joann, Facilities Planning and Management
Weatherholtz, Robert C., Center for American Indian and Alaska Native Health

10 years of service
Brown, Ellen D., Epidemiology
Lee, Jin I., Epidemiology
Maly, Maggie B., Environmental Health Sciences
Miller, Carl C., Center for Communication Programs

5 years of service
Channel Ward, Matilda, Health Policy and Management
Jayne, Kimm X., Center for Communication Programs
Menendez, Frederick, III, Epidemiology
Moffett, Courtney E., Population and Family Health Sciences
Prevost, Roberta A., Population and Family Health Sciences
Sow, Amelie, Center for Communication Programs
Towner, Shannon, Finance and Administration
Zhang, Jinbing, Molecular Microbiology and Immunology


Health Divisions Administration

25 years of service
Hackley, Joann, Residence Operations

10 years of service
Patton, Shavior, Laboratory Animal Medicine

5 years of service
Chew, Roslyn I., Technology Licensing


Homewood Student Affairs

25 years of service
Townes, Cleveland J., Athletic Center

10 years of service
Johnson, Ralph, Multicultural Student Affairs
Kropkowski, Patricia Ann, Registrar's Office

5 years of service
Fisher, Robyn K., Student Financial Services


Johns Hopkins Press

15 years of service
Holmes, John M., General and Administration

5 years of service
Haynes, Holly M., Journals Production
Kulp, William A., Project MUSE User Services


Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

Warnom, Weslie F., 13 years, Center for Social Organization of Schools
Young, Sharon M., 19 years, Romance Languages and Literatures

20 years of service
Guggenheim, Sonia B., Dean's Office

15 years of service
Kruk, Jeffrey, Physics and Astronomy
Love, Shelia, Development Office

5 years of service
Dammann, John F., Mind/Brain Institute
Hagee, Virginia L., Earth and Planetary Sciences
Otterbein, Mary, Political Science
Williams, Lea, Development Office


Nitze School of Advanced International Studies

25 years of service
Monash, Diane Carole, Dean's Office

15 years of service
Wiza, Barbara, Administration Office


School of Medicine

30 years of service
Kinkel, Richard P., Purchasing Office
Palmer, Rosalind W., Ophthalmology

25 years of service
Haas, Denise Lynn, Facilities Management
Locklear, Barbara, Dermatology
Ord, Sarah, Oncology
Stambaugh, Roxanne J., Internal Medicine
Vala, Milada S., Oncology

20 years of service
Hansberger, Karen A., Ophthalmology
Johnson, Carolyn H., Medicine Human Resources
McKenzie-White, Jane, Rheumatology
Remley, Betty Ann, Gynecology-Obstetrics
Shell, Paula A., Pediatrics
Stasuk, Patricia, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Zeback, Suzanne Elizabeth, Pathology

15 years of service
Almsteadt, Linda, Pediatrics
Ayers, Diana Lyn, Outpatient Operations
Blair, Bonavetta S., Neurosurgery
Bunting, Melissa G., Clinical Practice Association
Gregg, Leslie N., Pulmonary
Logue, Lisa A., Clinical Practice Association
Maskell, Pamela A., Ophthalmology
Sandgren, Linda, Gynecology-Obstetrics
White, Mary P., Internal Medicine
White-Hamilton, Jacqueline, Infectious Diseases
Yang, Shuojia Li, Pediatrics
Yelverton, Linwood Earl, Custodial Services

10 years of service
Christofersen, Jon R., Pathology
Euler, Mary A., Ophthalmology
Graham, Colleen K., Cellular and Molecular Graduate Program
Jones, Melva Patricia, Psychiatry
Lavelle, Jean, Pathology
Patten, Kathleen, Cancer Prevention and Control
Reisig, Wayne Gerard, Pediatrics
Robertson, Kimberley Sue, Pediatrics
Stephenson, Katherine K., Lab for Molecular Pharmacology
Stonebraker, Cheryl, DOM Billing
Sweeney, Celinda M., Orthopaedic Surgery

5 years of service
Bonner, John Owen, Psychiatry
Borzillary, Scott, Oncology-Radiological Sciences
Bugayenko, Artem, Cardiovascular
Dike, Sonny E., Neurology
Dockins, Kevin C., Maintenance
Elliott, Robert, Oncology Administration
Godack, Anthony Christopher, Facilities Management
Green, John, IV, Custodial Services
Gu, Xiujing, Neurology
Haisfield-Wolfe, Mary, Urology
Harding, Patrica A., Custodial Services
He, Liangmei, Pathology
He, Ping, Oncology-Pharmacology
Jeannetta, Albert J., Maintenance
Jones, Jakia M., Infectious Diseases
Keels, Brenda C., Custodial Services
Kowalewski, Catherine, Ophthalmology
Kusevic, Ivana, Psychiatry
Levin, Lisa K., Ophthalmology
Lewis, George M., Facilities Management Office
Mellerson, Angela, Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine
Murphy, Alan, Interdepartmental
Niebel, Victoria, Pediatrics
Shpritz, Barnett, Medical Psychology
Smallwood, Paul, Custodial Services
Summers, Clifford, Jr., Facilities Management Office
Tew, William, Licensing and Technology Development
Thickman, Lynda, Outpatient Operations
Wang, Hua, Physiology
Ward McCoy, Gloria Jean, Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine
Wood, Billie Jo, Infectious Diseases
Yu, San S., Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery


School of Professional Studies in Business and Education

25 years of service
Belz, Shirley Anne, Education Division

5 years of service
Hutchinson, Paul R., Undergraduate
Kavalek, Robert, Finance and Administration


University Administration

25 years of service
Palmer, Arnold, Central Purchasing

15 years of service
Ayers, Robert Carlton, Jr., Plant Operations and Maintenance
Barnett, Barry K., Johns Hopkins Post Office
Faddis, Royce, Design and Publications

10 years of service
Fisher, James, Plant Operations and Maintenance
Gasior, Paul Andrew, ERP Project Office
Koenig, Jeffrey H., Johns Hopkins Real Estate
Rutherford, Eugene R., University Projects Administration

5 years of service
Crouch, David, Jr., Telecommunications
Cutlip, Pamela, Research Accounting
Thomas, Valerie, Administration and Finance


Whiting School of Engineering

Woomer, John Michael, 15 years, Mechanical Engineering

5 years of service
Pech, Carol Ann, Research Administration
Tseng, Yiider, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering


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