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The newspaper of The Johns Hopkins University August 8, 2005 | Vol. 34 No. 41
How Will HopkinsOne Affect Me?
A Timetable for Future Users

By Jeanne Johnson

By now, most faculty and staff are aware that HopkinsOne is a major initiative to integrate and modernize Johns Hopkins' administrative business software and processes. What they may not know is exactly when and how this initiative will directly affect them.

Kevin Kobylski, HopkinsOne project manager for business transformation, said that extensive training will occur in the three months preceding the system's debut in July 2006. "But first we need to assign system access to each employee," Kobylski said. "System access allows employees to perform whatever tasks are necessary to do their jobs and determines where they can go in the system."

In September, work force transition liaisons from the university and health system will go over the changes with managers and supervisors and assign system access to each affected employee. (The names of liaisons can be found on the "Who's Who" tab of the HopkinsOne Web site, Then, beginning in January 2006, workshops will prepare managers and supervisors to begin briefing their staffs on their access levels and training. Multifaceted training — a combination of classroom instruction, online training and individualized help where needed — will commence in April 2006.

This summer, some people attended briefings that provided a general overview of the new processes and procedures and offered a glimpse of what the HopkinsOne team calls the "future state."

"We know that people are thirsty for specifics on how this system is going to work and affect their everyday jobs," Steve Golding, HopkinsOne executive director, said. "However, we have to follow a very specific methodology to implement the system correctly."

Golding assures employees that patience will reap rewards. "It's understandably frustrating to wait," he said, "but I think most people will soon see that the end result will help them do their jobs more effectively."

More detailed information will appear in the August issue of Momentum, the HopkinsOne newsletter.


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