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The newspaper of The Johns Hopkins University August 8, 2005 | Vol. 34 No. 41
SAIS Establishes India Advisory Group

By Felisa Neuringer Klubes

The Nitze School of Advanced International Studies has established an advisory group called the Friends of SAIS in India to help promote relationships between SAIS and India.

This initiative is intended to benefit students and faculty, and to develop projects in the United States and India that broaden public understanding of the school's commitment to graduate study of the region.

On the founding of the new group, SAIS Dean Jessica P. Einhorn said, "We are so fortunate to have Sunil Khilnani, the Starr Foundation Professor of South Asia Studies, as our program director. Under his leadership, at a time of universal recognition of democratic India's potential in this century, SAIS is poised to make an important contribution in graduate education and research related to this great country. Our Friends are outstanding representatives of so much of what the world admires in India."

The Friends of SAIS in India is an association of leaders in India who seek to improve the study of India at SAIS and to deepen the connection between India and SAIS students, staff and alumni through support of a long-term relationship with the school. The Friends of SAIS in India will counsel SAIS about opportunities for the school in India, advise on developments across sectors in the region and serve as informal ambassadors for school initiatives in India.

The group's support and counsel will be most critical to SAIS' South Asia Studies Program, which is under the leadership of Khilnani as director and Walter Andersen as associate director. The newest addition to Asian Studies at SAIS, the program has been established to educate future experts on South Asia who will participate in the formulation and conduct of policies within and toward the region.

Students at SAIS who concentrate on South Asia can expect to acquire knowledge of the region's history and political development, its social and economic conditions, its strategic environment and challenges, the interplay between regional and global circumstances, and the shifting tenor of U.S. policy toward the region. They also are expected to study either the Hindi or Urdu language.

SAIS' permanent faculty and adjunct professors are also advancing research on the region, which is being shared with the academic and policy communities through an active series of outreach events.

The founding members of the Friends of SAIS in India are Isher Judge Ahluwahlia, ICRIER; Mukesh Ambani, Reliance Industries; Scott Bayman, GE India; Ashok Ganguly, ICICIOnline; Naina Kidwai, HSBC; Farida Khambata, IFC; Sasha Mirchandani, Imercius; Nandan Nilekani, Infosys; Naresh Trehan, Escorts Heart Institute; and Frank Wisner, AIG and former U.S. ambassador to India (honorary member).


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