Johns Hopkins Gazette | May 16, 2005
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The newspaper of The Johns Hopkins University May 16, 2005 | Vol. 34 No. 34

For the Record: Milestones

The following staff members recently retired or celebrated an anniversary with the university in April of 2005. The information is compiled by the Office of Faculty, Staff and Retiree Programs, 410-516-6060.


Academic and Cultural Centers

35 years of service
Miller, David J., MSE Library

5 years of service
Chase, Rebecca, JHPIEGO Corp.
Crowley, Mary Ellen, CTY


Bloomberg School of Public Health

20 years of service
Gould, Joan S., Preventive Medicine Residency Program
Hayes, Sandra W., Environmental Health Sciences

15 years of service
Carter, Bertha M., International Health
Poppe, Patricia, Center for Communication Programs

5 years of service
Abdur-Rahman, Afeefa, Center for Communication Programs
Bowman, Jennifer, Center for Communication Programs
Goode, Nicole, International Health
Negrette, Juan Carlos, Center for Communication Programs


Health Divisions Administration

25 years of service
Jolly, Marsha E., Welch Medical Library

10 years of service
Dixon, Royal M.C., Jr., Laboratory Animal Medicine
Wright, David, Welch Medical Library

5 years of service
Baker, R. Keith, Technology Licensing
Beasley-El, Shannon Marie, Laboratory Animal Medicine
Thompson, Jeffery W., HEBCAC
Zhu, Ming, Welch Medical Library


Homewood Student Affairs

10 years of service
Taylor, Marie A., Homewood Student Accounts

5 years of service
Anthony, Reginald, Dormitory Office Operations
Davis, Evelyn, Career Counseling
Holcomb, Donita, Student Financial Services


Johns Hopkins Club

25 years of service
Felipa, Clarence, Johns Hopkins Club

5 years of service
Loney, Elouise, Johns Hopkins Club
Pompey, Warren M., Jr., Johns Hopkins Club
Woodard, Wendell C., Johns Hopkins Club


Johns Hopkins Press

25 years of service
Proctor, Roberta Ruth, Journals Marketing

10 years of service
McCarthy, Juliana M., Manuscript Editing

5 years of service
Luby, Kristen E., Journals Marketing


Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

5 years of service
Soohoo, Susan L., Mind/Brain Institute


Peabody Institute

15 years of service
Ittner, Stuart E., Personnel Services

10 years of service
Hardy, Ivan C., Plant Administration


School of Medicine

30 years of service
Dondero, Joanna A., Urology
Rosenberg, Nancy H., Neurology
Thompson, Cynthia E., Pediatrics

25 years of service
Dean, Carol Ann, Psychiatry
Lawson, Lucion W., Ophthalmology
Santos, Filomena T., Ophthalmology
Williams, Frank James, Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences

20 years of service
Carlson, Diane, Clinical Immunology
Hartke, Timothy Vincent, Neurosurgery
Johnson, Joan, Ophthalmology
Smith, Rochelle Eure, Ophthalmology

15 years of service
Berger, Suraya, Medical Genetics
Buie, Marsha E., Surgery
Fowler, Susan K., Physicians Billing
Greene, Teresa B., Gynecology-Obstetrics
Morgan, Suzette F., Research Administration
Rattell, Mary Z., Otolaryngology
Shelton, Sharnette, Billing Office
Smith, Pamela J., Oncology Administration
Tinsley, Janine A., Physicians Billing

10 years of service
Antol, Pamela J., Cell Biology
Hutchins, Sharonda, CPA Administration
Kendall, Victoria S., Oncology
Lampros-Klein, Francine, Pulmonary
McLaughlin, Madeline Jane, Physiology
Miller, Rhonda Blasdel, Ophthalmology
Monaghan, Mary M., Psychiatry
Sinkler, Vickie P., Endocrinology
Tinker, Mark D., Basic Sciences Institute

5 years of service
Bello, Eloy E., Billing Office
Bilderback, Andrew L., Pulmonary
Bowen, Jacqueline, Outpatient Operation
Campbell, Monica, Clinical Immunology
Cerko, Beatriz, General Medicine
Cheeks, Le Loni, Cardiovascular
Christman, Carol B., Cardiovascular
Coffey, Teresa, Ophthalmology
Davis, Ina, Gynecology-Obstetrics
Donehower, Michele, Oncology
Ferrer, Rodolfo Y, Outpatient Operations
Gamaldo, Alyssa Ann, Neurology
Golembieski, Joanna, CIDR
Grate, Angel, Gynecology-Obstetrics
Haskins, Monica R., Informatics Center
Hewitt, Jacqueline, Cardiovascular
Hopson, Gloria, Surgery Billing Office
Johnson, Arlene C., Dermatology Billing Office
Kaczmarczyk, Jackie, Cardiovascular
Keefer, Maureen A., Pediatrics
Kramer, Barry, Ophthalmology
Lambert, Antonio, Maintenance
Lee, James, Custodial Services
Lertch, Elizabeth W., Cornerstone
Mazza, Valerie A., Student Services
Morrison, Akeeta, Outpatient Operation
Norris, Judy, Neurology
Petrik, Silvia, Surgery
Phillips, Hilary, Neuropsychiatry and Memory Group
Qian, Wei, Cell Biology
Roloson, Ronald, Ophthalmology
Root, Sharon A., Basic Sciences Institute
Schmitt, Regina, Pediatrics
Stevenson, Gary, Genetic Core
Surplus, Gregory, Ophthalmology
Thrower, Jaseline, Radiology
Williams, Sherrell L., General Surgery
Witherspoon, Johnisha, Basic Sciences Institute


School of Professional Studies in Business and Education

10 years of service
Tennyson, Sarah, Academic Affairs

5 years of service
Dotzenrod, Jennifer A., Academic Affairs


University Administration

20 years of service
Cole, Tina Marie, Training and Education Center
Coleman, Mary Vernell, Accounting Services
Pegesse, Reigh Llwren, Data Center Services

15 years of service
Earle, M. Margaret, Development and Alumni Relations
Gregory, Lynn M., JH Federal Credit Union
Montague, Felecia A., Financial Information Services
Provenza, Valerie, ERP Project
Shellkopf, Cynthia A., Budget Office
Towner, Bonnie G., Development Fund

10 years of service
Harris, Stanley A., Jr., Data Center Services
Santora, Jeanne Lynn, Controller's Office
Sutherland, Daniel, Enterprise Network

5 years of service
Biggs, Timothy S., Financial Information Services
Boykins, Cornelius X., Plant Operation and Maintenance
Kujawa, Thomas A., Jr., Financial Information Services
Postlethwait, Jason, Accounting Services
Romero, Robert, Enterprise Technical Services and Operations


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