Johns Hopkins Gazette | December 19, 2005
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The newspaper of The Johns Hopkins University December 19, 2005 | Vol. 35 No. 15

For the Record: Milestones

The following staff members recently retired or celebrated an anniversary with the university in November of 2005. The information is compiled by the Office of Faculty, Staff and Retiree Programs, 410-516-6060.


Academic and Cultural Centers

20 years of service
Wiggins, Leslie J., MSE Library

10 years of service
Rushdan, Salome, MSE Library

5 years of service
Rodriguez, Carlos E., Center for Talented Youth
Wicks, Delores, Center for Talented Youth


Bloomberg School of Public Health

25 years of service
Wenger, Jeanne A., Epidemiology

15 years of service
Russell, Joseph, Facilities Maintenance

10 years of service
Campbell, Michelle, Information Systems
Franklin, Rosalind Z., Epidemiology
Geronimo, Jose Ladie, Information Systems
Schakne, Miye, Research Subjects

5 years of service
Hawke, Jennifer, Information Systems
Helland, Anna M., Center for Communication Programs
Mast, Darrell, International Health
Reed, Amanda, Epidemiology


Health Divisions Administration

30 years of service
Barker, Edward W., Jr., Laboratory Animal Medicine

20 years of service
Ayres, Charles, Jr., Residence Operations

5 years of service
Johnson, Natasha, HEBCAC
Penfield, Leigh A., Technology Licensing
Zemanski, Teresa, Continuing Education


Homewood Student Affairs

35 years of service
Oliver, Solomon, Athletic Center

15 years of service
Gallagher, Lisa M., Housing Office

10 years of service
Berger, Phyllis, Homewood Art Workshops

5 years of service
Boyce, Regina T., Athletic Center
Hopkins, Carla Henry, Multicultural Student Affairs
Mazurek, Blanche, Office of the Registrar
Moapichai, Noppadon, International Student/Scholar Services


Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

10 years of service
Herrmann, Susan S., English

5 years of service
Birsit, Barbara E., Biology
Kistenev, Filipp, Advanced Academic Programs
Qiu, Fangtu, Mind/Brain Institute


Peabody Institute

25 years of service
Garside, Anne, Public Information Office

5 years of service
Bryan, Glenda, Financial Aid Office


Nitze School of Advanced International Studies

10 years of service
Castillejo, William, Facilities Management

5 years of service
Gerasimov, Elena, Russia and East European Studies


School of Medicine

50 years of service
Severn, Evelyn, Internal Medicine

35 years of service
Bocchini, Carol A., Institute of Genetic Medicine
Young, Joann L, Sponsored Projects Administration

30 years of service
Downs, Barbara Ann, Urology
Vandegaer, Koenraad M., Cardiovascular

25 years of service
Pinn, Beverly E., Ophthalmology

20 years of service
Becker, Phillis, Psychiatry
Gallagher, Susan P., Dean's Office
Gilman, Betty Ann, Gynecology-Obstetrics
King, Gabriele, Basic Sciences Institute
Smith, Hope O., Human Resources

15 years of service
Barkey, Lisa, Bayview/Nephrology
Burke, Leslie Ellen, Pediatrics
Cooper, Rachel L., Pathology
Daniel, Marie A., Pulmonary
Davis, Charleen J., Physicians Billing Service
Jefferson, Josephine M., Anesthesiology Billing
Perry, Elaine, Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine
Prescott, Arlene M., Pathology
Reavis, Linda Elaine, Rheumatology
Reiss, Barbara, Ophthalmology
Rhine, William David, Maintenance

10 years of service
Bohle, Sonya, Neurology
Hill, Sherry, Pulmonary
Holback, Peter D., Occupational Health
Huettner, Steven S., Pediatrics
McKenzey, Sherina B., Clinical Immunology
Middleditch, Stacey R., Pathology
Nardi, Beth Anne, Radiology
Raymond, Brenda, Bayview/Motility Center
Wu, Wendy E., Cell Biology

5 years of service
Bremmer, Cheli, Cardiovascular
Britton, Jay, Custodial Services
Brown, Erica, Cardiovascular
Eke, Chibueze, Custodial Services
Epstein, Deborah, Oncology
Evans, Eunice D, Bayview/Ophthalmology
Fleming, Bernadine L., Urology
Glaze, Donna Jean, Psychiatry
Hammond, Sara E., Cardiovascular
Lawrence, Valerie E., Psychiatry
Lee, Anthony, Custodial Services
Lowe, Rita Marie, Orthopedic Surgery
McKinney, Lynnell, Pulmonary
Mickle, Shakisha D., Gynecology-Obstetrics
Mills, Brenda Y., Pathology
Mirza, Agha, Pulmonary
Morin, Jessica, Oncology
Nanda, Leticia V., Behavioral Pharmacology
Paradis, Mihaela, Gynecology-Obstetrics
Pearson, Danielle, Outpatient Operation
Petrosillo, Louisa, Oncology Administration
Poole, Eddie King, Infectious Diseases
Robinson, Rebecca, Pulmonary
Romer, Lewis, Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine
Seed, Ellen M., Neurology
Stephens, Calandra P, Bayview/CPA Administration
Stewart, Lola, Otolaryngology
Trujillo, Marangellie, Pediatrics
Wilkins, Gregory, Maintenance
Woelfel, Marion, Neurology


School of Nursing

15 years of service
Neuberger, Laura Ann, Center for Nursing Research

10 years of service
Eaddy, Lucille, Graduate Instruction


School of Professional Studies in Business and Education

5 years of service
Batson, Joyce E., Academic Affairs
Clarke, Katherine D., Finance and Administration
Hinson, Adrian C., Academic Affairs
Shephard, Mindi Beth, Finance and Administration


University Administration

35 years of service
Possidente, Carol L., IT@Johns Hopkins

20 years of service
Day, Patricia A., Human Resources

10 years of service
Benze, Holly Amend, University Projects Administration
Buckson, Ercell, Alumni Relations
Hunter, Gayle, Communications and Public Affairs
Leith, Jennifer A., Plant Operations

5 years of service
Chamberlain, Heather, Annual Fund Office
Haynie, Linda C., JH Federal Credit Union
Lippy, Rose Mary, IT@Johns Hopkins
Morgan, Antwanette N., JH Federal Credit Union
Phlegar, Charles, Development and Alumni Relations
Roane, Felicia C., JH Federal Credit Union
Williams, Monicka Cv, JH Federal Credit Union


Whiting School of Engineering

15 years of service
Mayenschein, Corazon O., Electrical and Computer Engineering

5 years of service
Heinen, Jason, Engineering Communications
Schulin, Diana Louise, Engineering Communications


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