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The newspaper of The Johns Hopkins University October 31, 2005 | Vol. 35 No. 9
SoM Opens Center for Clinical Global Health Education

Center will train health care professionals in resource-limited settings

By Claudia Costabile
Johns Hopkins Health System

The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine has established a new center designed to provide clinical training to health care providers in parts of the world where resources and infrastructure are limited or lacking. Called the Center for Clinical Global Health Education, the new operation aims to use advanced telemedicine technology and Johns Hopkins experts to provide clinical training to health care workers around the world in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

"Recently, many donors have made it possible to obtain HIV/AIDS medications for some of those infected adults and children in resource-limited settings," Robert Bollinger, director of the new center, said. "Unfortunately, these medications help only a fraction of these infected populations. These countries lack experienced, trained health care providers to dispense the drugs effectively and safely. Professionals need to be properly trained, and that's where the center can help."

So far, more than 50 different countries have expressed interest in the center's programs.

As one of its first projects, the CCGHE will initiate an intensive, interactive HIV training program at the BJ Medical College in Pune, India, in November. It will include more than 20 live telemedicine lectures by JHU faculty for frontline Indian physicians. The CCGHE has also started specialized clinical education programs in Ethiopia and the Congo and will facilitate clinical research collaboration among participating institutions in these countries.

Alexander Nason, director of the Johns Hopkins Office of Telemedicine and director of Johns Hopkins Interactive, said, "Telemedicine and Web-based learning tools provide easy and relatively affordable ways to create links between Hopkins and international care providers. We are very happy to collaborate with the CCGHE."

Funded initially by the School of Medicine, the CCGHE plans to maintain operations through donations from individuals and companies in the United States and abroad.

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